Haven Salon, based in St Louis, is proud to provide clients with special spiritual and Reiki haircuts that promote mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Historically, hair has carried a spiritual significance in many different cultures, with haircare ceremonies and rituals being common. Spiritual haircutting is a process that seeks to return to these roots, giving hair the reverence and attention that it deserves.

Spiritual haircutting is very ritualistic, often combining elements of therapy, selfcare and physical transformation for a truly revitalizing experience. If you’re feeling run down or need a burst of positive energy, a spiritual haircut or Reiki haircut at Haven Salon can help you look and feel much better. You may start your haircare journey today by visiting HavenSalonSTL.com.

The spiritual importance of hair

Hair is a vital part of self-expression for a lot of people. We change our hair to mark various important phases of our lives, such as breakups, parenthood and new jobs, to simply wanting to feel refreshed with a change of style or cut.

Haircare does not have to be a chore; it should be spiritual, ritualistic, intuitive. You can even try dabbling in minor haircare rituals at home – for example, by mindfully brushing your hair to unblock your chakras.

If you feel you would like to treat your hair to a professional cut or new style, look no further than Haven Salon. What’s more, if you’re curious to learn more about spiritual haircuts and beauty treatments, the team has written a couple of helpful blog posts on the subject.

Spiritual haircutting services

Tina Ratsaboutseua is the owner, creative director and head stylist at Haven Salon, and she works hard every day to make clients feel beautiful and recharged by the time they leave the salon. Tina and her team strive to offer quality spiritual and Reiki haircutting sessions that are tailored to you, empowering you with a re-energizing experience in a calming environment.

Each session might start with your stylist determining which of your chakras needs attention and how best to treat it. The process itself is very open, with guided conversation and opportunities to ‘vent’. Once the actual haircare ritual is over, your stylist may choose to give you a spiritual reading to complete the experience and offer advice for future rituals you may wish to undertake.

The end goal at Haven Salon is for you to leave feeling fully rejuvenated mentally, physically, and emotionally. Call the salon today to book an appointment.

More information

Based in St Louis, Haven Salon offers the very best in beauty experiences, from haircuts with a difference to aromatherapy, crown massages and Reiki.

To find out more about the salon and the services on offer, please visit the website at https://havensalonstl.com. For inquiries or bookings, please call (314) 942 1244.

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