San Clemente, California – The House of The Rising Son addiction treatment center has recently launched a variety of hard to find services, such as sober living and couples drug rehab in San Clemente, California, to provide those struggling with addiction more opportunities to find a treatment program that works for them.

Due to the facilities and expert staff needed to successfully deliver couples drug rehab and sober living, these addiction treatment services are less available in California compared to more broad-spectrum treatments like conventional rehab and detox centers. The House of the Rising Son wanted to bridge this gap and offer those considering treatment more specialized options that may better suit their needs.

Sober Living homes are dedicated halfway houses where people who are in recovery from substance abuse live together. The people in these houses live by a set of rules that helps them maintain their sobriety. Sober living homes also tend to offer various types of support, such as therapy and group sessions. These allow patients to continue receiving treatment for substance abuse as they transition out of residential rehab and back into the real world.

It’s important to know that sober living homes aren’t a first-line treatment for substance abuse. Instead, patients should only move into one after they have already completed both detox and rehab. That’s because sober living facilities aren’t set up to provide patients with the intensive care that they need to identify and resolve the root causes of their addiction. Instead, sober living is meant to be a bridge that can help navigate a patient’s transition back into the real world without giving up on their sobriety.

The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, Orange County, and California specializes in seeing couples get addiction treatment together. The addiction treatment centers personalized treatment plans including couples therapy and couples rehab, as well as one on one counseling. These rehab programs have helped many couples succeed in starting their recovery together. The House of the Rising Son offers a minimum of 30-day couples detox and residential treatment options.

This Couples Rehab in California is designed to encourage couples to walk the road to sobriety together by participating in customized therapeutic processes, family-orientated treatment, and effective behavioral and couple-based therapies that benefit with cohabiting partners and help them deal with addiction issues.

The House of The Rising Son launched its couples drug rehab service after various studies showed that couples could better deal with substance addiction when they start their recovery journey together. Additionally, the experienced team at the rehabilitation center found that couples attempting sobriety together have a higher chance of long-term success; if only one part of the couple receives rehab while the other one continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, it makes it difficult for the one receiving treatment to overcome their addiction.

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Located in Southern California, The House of the Rising Son is a full-service rehabilitation center that offers medical detox, personalized residential rehab, to in-depth aftercare treatment for substance abuse recovery.

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The House of the Rising Son is a full-service substance abuse recovery center located in beautiful Southern Orange County.

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