San Clemente, California – House of The Rising Son, a full-service substance abuse recovery center located in Southern Orange County, is proud to announce its specialist drug rehab program in San Clemente, California.

With a team of skilled staff that are experienced in helping patients achieve their recovery goals, House of The Rising Son’s specialist drug rehab program provides individuals with access to high-quality medical detox, an effective drug therapy program that is tailored to their unique needs, and in-depth aftercare to help them reach their recovery goals.

“If you’ve been struggling with drug addiction, then consider reaching out to The House of the Rising Son – Drug Rehab Center and addiction treatment center,” said a spokesperson for House of The Rising Son. “We provide high-quality drug detox, rehab, and aftercare from our luxurious facility along the beautiful Southern California coastline.”

The drug rehab offered at House of The Rising Son follows a certain path, regardless of if the patient is addicted to painkillers, meth, heroin, cocaine, or another drug. This involves starting with a supervised medical detox, the patient moving into residential rehab, and then following up after treatment is complete with a comprehensive aftercare plan.

During the rehab stage of a patient’s treatment plan, individuals will work with an addiction specialist to explore and address the root causes of their addiction while additionally developing the knowledge and coping skills needed to successfully reintegrate back into society without falling back into drug abuse.

House of The Rising Son is dedicated to providing its patients with the best rehab plans for their specific needs. Therefore, at the start of each rehab program, a patient will undergo a consultation with one of the recovery center’s highly trained physicians. This consultation will enable House of The Rising Son to provide patients with a level of personalization in the rehab process that can be difficult to find at other facilities.

Additionally, along with rehab and detox, patients in the House of The Rising Son drug rehab program will also participate in an array of holistic healing methods, such as yoga classes, off-site activities like beach walks and hikes, and have access to an on-site nutritionist as well as take part om proven traditional recovery tools including therapy and 12-step work.

About House of The Rising Son

House of The Rising Son is Southern California’s leading alcohol and drug rehab, substance abuse care, and addiction treatment center. House of The Rising Son is committed to providing all patients with the best possible care with a wide variety of drug treatments, from full-service residential treatment to dual diagnosis programs and full aftercare support.

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About House of The Rising Son

The House of the Rising Son is a full-service substance abuse recovery center located in beautiful Southern Orange County.

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