London, UK, June, 22, 2022 — Google has announced that expanded search ads will no longer be available from June 2022.

Businesses will not be able to create or edit expanded text ads, but can focus on responsive search ads (RSAs) instead. RSAs help save you time by creating relevant ads with key messages for your customers.

RSAs link your (multiple) headlines and descriptions with the most relevant audience’s ongoing search behaviours. They aim to increase your engagement and click-through rate, so the more headlines and descriptions you provide, the more successful your conversion rate should be.
Thanks to Google’s AI and machine learning, RSAs are automated, which means optimisation happens in real-time. Therefore, you get a real-time insight into the best performing headlines, descriptions and keywords.

“Responsive search ads help you to create a myriad of combinations of search ads whilst enabling you to test them at scale with powerful Google’s machine learning technologies. Responsive search ads have been around for a while now and we can see that they clearly outperform the old expanded search ads formats by enabling us to compete in more auctions and showing the most relevant combinations to each search.”

Lenka Stefanakova, Senior Account Strategist for PPC, The Brains

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