Quantico, Virginia – T10 Tactical, an American company based in Virginia that specializes in defense and weapons systems, is proud to announce it has now launched a range of innovative patented rifle accessories on its website, such as their unique Swinger Sling Mount and LMT SOPMOD Stock Insert, that have been battle-tested and optimized for use by military, law enforcement, and civilian operators. 

The company’s variety of patented rifle accessories have been created with the guidance of T10 Tactical’s founder, a retired US Navy veteran with a deep understanding of the demanding real-world requirements of special operations units. The four signature products of T10 Tactical’s rifle accessories line are:

  • The Swinger Sling Mount

The Swinger Sling Mount offers an unprecedented 200 degrees of sling rotation when paired with T10’s Swinger Stock or patented stock inserts. This mount virtually eliminates interference for fluid transitional shooting.

  • The LMT SOPMOD Stock Insert

Currently, in use by the active Navy SEALs, as well as members of other special operation units worldwide, the LMT SOPMOD Stock Insert adds an additional QD sling mount point to the popular LMT SOPMOD rifle stock for optimal sling positioning.

  • The B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock Insert

The counterpart to the LMT insert, optimized for B5 rifle stocks, is equally favored by special forces.

The Swinger SOPMOD Stock combines the Swinger Sling Mount with a B5 stock and insert for one-piece fluidity of motion.   

The Swinger Sling Mount and Swinger SOPMOD Stock system allow unimpeded transitions from strong to support side shooting, eliminating sling binding. Their unique pivoting design was tested and refined over several years to provide effortless 200-degree rotation.

Furthermore, the Swinger Sling Mount and Swinger SOPMOD Stock are currently in use by US and allied special operators. Additionally, the LMT and B5 SOPMOD Stock Inserts bring faster sling attachment and reduced bulk to modular rifle stocks.

T10 Tactical has designed its rifle accessories with the intention of improving rifle maneuverability and ergonomics through innovative patented designs that have been rigorously tested under live fire. 

All products featured on the company’s website have been 100% manufactured in the USA from Mil-Spec materials. This ensures that all the accessories provided at T10 Tactical have the uncompromising durability required by operators for any situation they find themselves in.

A spokesperson from T10 Tactical said, “As a company founded and staffed by military veterans, T10 Tactical maintains trusted relationships across the special operations community. Their insights allow T10 to anticipate emerging needs and requirements, as well as earn the trust of some of the military’s most elite.

More information

To see detailed product demonstrations and tutorials from T10’s YouTube channel or to see T10 Tactical’s full line of specialized accessories, please visit www.tech10tactical.com.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/t10-tactical-launch-range-of-innovative-rifle-accessories-for-military-law-enforcement-and-civilian-operators/

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