Suffolk County criminal lawyer Jason Bassett ( releases a new article explaining the work of a Long Island criminal attorney. According to the lawyer, being charged with a crime is very serious.  A criminal charge can cost someone their freedom and their ability to have a better life in the future.

“Your criminal defense hinges on how well your attorney understands and presents your case. A great criminal defense requires thorough knowledge of the law and how it applies to your situation. It requires a person who has genuine empathy for you and your family. Winning a criminal defense case also requires the ability to take an aggressive stance in fighting for your rights in and out of the courtroom,” says the Suffolk County criminal lawyer.

The lawyer explains that the best criminal defense lawyer must have the ability to comprehend the facts of the case and devise strategies for defendants. The best criminal attorneys must be familiar with Long Island’s courts, prosecutors, and customs. To reduce charges, they should be able to negotiate with the prosecutor.

Attorney Jason Bassett states that a good criminal lawyer should be capable of interviewing all witnesses for defense and prosecution. A criminal lawyer must conduct a detailed investigation, learn about alternative sentencing options, inform the defendant of what is expected in court, as well as keep them informed about all their options.

In the article, attorney Bassett mentions in the article that someone can spend months, or even years, behind bars if they’re accused of a crime. Even a single offense can result in severe penalties. A criminal charge can have serious consequences for the accused’s employment prospects and education. A criminal history can have a negative impact on the future of an accused.

Furthermore, an experienced Suffolk County criminal lawyer will understand how much prosecutorial discretion should apply to a case. The prosecutor will have a great deal of leeway in the way a person is charged. A good criminal defense lawyer will understand how to present options in a way that would serve their client’s best interests. 

The lawyer mentions that it is also important to remember that Legal procedures in Federal Court are different from those at the State Level and the Sentencing Guidelines are both complex and difficult to interpret. Sentences can be far longer in Federal Court than in State Court. This is why seeking the help of an experienced criminal attorney is very important. 

Lastly, the Suffolk County criminal lawyer explains that having a skilled defense attorney is very important to help ensure that the defendant’s rights are protected. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help the defendant navigate the complexities of their case and also help them understand the steps that they’ll be going through in the case. 

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