Long Island Desk Appearance Ticket lawyer Jason Bassett (https://jbassettlaw.com/practice-items/long-island-desk-appearance-ticket-lawyer-dat-attorney/) releases a new article that explains the circumstances where a ticket can be issued. The lawyer mentions that if there is probable cause to believe someone has committed an offense, law enforcement will take them into custody to transport them to court for arraignment.

According to the Long Island Desk Appearance Ticket lawyer, “Under certain circumstances, however, people facing less serious charges can be issued a “Desk Appearance Ticket.”  Rather than being held at the precinct and transported to court, the person is given a piece of paper that provides a day and time they must appear in Court to be arraigned on their case.” 

The lawyer explains that the desk appearance ticket can be sent by mail. A Desk Appearance Ticket, also known as a DAT (Desk Appearance Ticket), is a court form notifying the defendant of their upcoming arraignment. The form will also contain the date and time at which the defendant will appear before the judge.

Attorney Bassett points out that the arraignment date is often many weeks away from when the crime occurred. New York Law enforcement must issue a DAT if an alleged offense can be classified as either a category-E or misdemeanor and the accused is capable of providing government identification.

The lawyer lists all crimes for which a DAT may be issued in the article. These include crimes like petit larceny or assault in the third and seventh degrees, harassment in the second degree, disorderly conduct, controlled possession of a controlled substance, and criminal trespass.

“A bench warrant is a written order by a judge commanding law enforcement officers to arrest the named defendant. Bench warrants are issued for those who fail to report or attend court. If an individual has an outstanding bench warrant and in any way interacts with a police officer, the individual will be taken into custody. That means if you are stopped even for a traffic ticket, authorities may find you have an outstanding warrant and arrest you,” says the DAT attorney.

Furthermore, the lawyer also says that the purpose of a DAT is to set a date for a person to be arranged, which involves entering a plea of “not guilty.” In some cases, the matter can be resolved that same day. One possible resolution at this initial appearance is an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal or “ACOD.” If a person is offered an ACOD for their charges and they accept it, after a period of time with no new arrests, the case will be dismissed and sealed with no record remaining. 

Lastly, attorney Jason Bassett emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to matters like a desk appearance ticket. Having an experienced lawyer for these matters may be able to help the client understand their rights and may also help them receive a favorable outcome. 

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