London, United Kingdom – S&P Gallery is a London-based gallery that specialises in supplying high-quality framed art prints from its diverse catalogue of limited-edition artwork, as well as supporting the work of both established and emerging artists.

There are millions of business owners around the world in every niche that you could believe possible. Yet, with the rise of the art sector in the past year, S&P Gallery believes that it would be fitting to speak about a founder in this growing industry.

The gallery has now released a founder’s spotlight on its own Luke Sparkes. His rise to success from where he came from is an inspiration to anyone looking to earn a living using their passion for art.

Where it Began

Growing up, Luke Sparkes was born in England as an English-Italian native that is 1 of 8 children within his family. With 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Luke enjoyed spending time with his close family as a child.

However, by the time he got to age 16, he dropped out of school due to causing mischief and felt as though the school system didn’t foster his curiosity. With the school system being extremely regimented to living a typical 9-5 job, Luke always thought that he was destined for more.

As time passed, he began reading in order to learn important life skills that the school system wasn’t catering for. Taking his own initiative and reading over 150 books on leadership and business gave him the knowledge of some of the top business owners in the world.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t only business and leadership that he enjoyed reading about. He also thrived on learning about science, astronomy, astrology, and the universe as a whole. This diverse number of interests and knowledge was certainly the beginning of finding his next true passion, art.

Luke Sparkes’ Rise in the Art Sector

While trying to work standard jobs from the age of 16, Luke just couldn’t seem to find his flow within any jobs – such as cold calling, dry cleaners, finance companies and many more. However, with his passion for art becoming so strong, he decided to merge his passion for art with the knowledge he had gained from leadership and business books.

At the beginning of 2016, he had a great art supplier contact whom he decided to reach out to and start an art advisory service with them. Following the start of this journey, his younger brother Michael began with him – where they would carry out their work above a pub in a room that they could rent for £200 a month.

The rest is history. His hard work, research and talent within this industry led him to the point where he is today. Showing up every day with a team that has helped him to grow exponentially over time is what he believes are the key success factors.

Not to mention the expertise and friends within the industry he had made from years of building relationships with other people in the art industry had cultivated a massive audience for him to work from.

Luke now plans to open 12 more galleries in the UK, one in the United States and one in France too – along with the one he already has in London. He now sells his art to galleries all over the world while providing a platform for artists and investors to publish and invest in artwork.

This opportunity will enable the next generation of artists, whether that be in physical galleries, the eCommerce space or even NFT designers, to prosper in the new digital age. The opportunities are endless; thus, if you have a passion for art – the Smith and Partner (S&P) Gallery may be a company that you could potentially look at when moving forwards.

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