London, United Kingdom – Launched in 2016, S&P Gallery is a leading art advisory service and online e-commerce art platform for novice and experienced art collectors, art lovers, and individuals looking for the perfect artwork to decorate their homes.

S&P Gallery has a sister company, Zeno, which is a publishing house and wholesale fine arts supplier that specialises in limited edition prints and selling to galleries all over the world. Zeno’s goal is to connect galleries with artists, giving artists a platform to sell their work and helping galleries find up-and-coming, established, and blue-chip artists.

This year, S&P Gallery plans to expand by opening 12 new galleries in the UK, 1 gallery in the United States, and 1 gallery in France, while its publishing house, Zeno, plans to supply art to 100 galleries all over the world.

Luke Sparkes, CEO of S&P Gallery, states, “traditionally, the art market is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. One used to have to be incredibly rich with the right connections to be in the art market. What makes Smith & Partner unique is that we welcome investment at any level. Our publishing house Zeno creates limited edition prints which allow people to get on board at a slightly easier entry level.”

A Bespoke, Personalised Service

S&P Gallery provides a bespoke personalised service for each artist, which includes a face-to-face meeting, creating and delivering a marketing strategy, and producing video content for artists’ social media platforms to help promote and nurture their growth. You can Follow S&P Gallery London on Instagram to take a look at its latest artists and their work.

Additionally, S&P Gallery offers an accessible 360-degree service to anyone looking to buy a piece of art or invest at any level. With 900+ art investment clients globally, the gallery’s in-house team studies art market trends, demand, history of artwork sales, and auction prices.

The gallery has two state-of-the-art storage facilities for protecting artworks. The first facility is in Switzerland, which insures artwork, transportation costs are recovered, and the facility cost is free from VAT tax. The second storage facility is in Martin Speed, Vauxhall, which is across the M16 building in London, England.

S&P Gallery’s goal is to educate interested individuals about art, whether a buyer wants a an original or print. The gallery works with a number of top NFT artists, including Miss Aniela, Jeremy Jones, Johnny Popkess, Bjorn Persson, NOEL, Alexander Lee Reagan, Kevin T Kelly, and Daniela Raytchev. They also sell limited edition prints from Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Andy Warhol. For further information on S&P Gallery’s latest artists and artwork collection, you can Follow S&P Gallery London on Twitter.

About S&P Gallery

S&P Gallery is an online art gallery with a physical space in South Kensington, London; specialising in original artworks and limited-edition prints; offering exclusive access to artworks from emerging and established artists as well as a range of blue-chip artworks.

Its team of expert art advisors carefully study the art market, closely observe trends and keep an eye on art performance indicators in order to make the most of the potential future profitability of the artwork in the gallery’s catalogue.

More information

To find out more about S&P Gallery and to view its current lists of artists and artwork, please visit their website at


About S&P Gallery

S&P gallery are deeply dedicated to supporting the work of our established and emerging artists as well as preserving the works of blue-chip art, whether it be for home decor, gifts, celebrations or art investment purposes.

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