SEO Video Show will now be presenting a new live-streaming YouTube SEO news show every Friday. The SEO Video Show was founded by a 15+ year SEO professional, Paul Andre de Vera. Paul Andre set up the SEO Video Show to help SEO’s and digital marketers experience the best SEO video content.

All videos have been curated and organized to help you find the most valuable knowledge on all aspects of SEO, from off-page to on-page. Paul Andre also created SEO Video Show to – ‘master the art of SEO through learning and sharing of knowledge bombs, gold nuggets, and secret tactics in the world of search engine optimization video content.

The Most Recent Posts on SEO Video

According to the founder of SEO Video Show – ‘People say you learn twice through teaching.’ With the number of SEO videos and SEO professionals providing useful information and tips on SEO content, you can both learn and share with the help of the SEO Video Show.

Some of the most recent posts include; SEMrush Keyboard Cannibalization Checker, Competitor Keyword Research Tutorial, SEO for Beginners, How reliable are keyword difficulty scores, and this, to name a few. For instance, the Competitor keyword research tutorial is a beneficial video for many businesses and companies looking to get ahead of their competition, and this tutorial offers five actionable strategies.

For those unfamiliar with SEO, why not check out the SEO for beginner’s tutorial and apply what you’ve learned from watching the video in your business. Check out all the other SEO videos available online and keep learning and sharing.

The new live-streaming YouTube SEO News

Paul Andre de Vera is thrilled to have a new live-streaming YouTube SEO News show, he believes – ‘by curating SEO videos from other experts in the industry and answering questions through the live SEO Video Show on YouTube, we can teach each other through live streams and chat every Friday.’

The SEO Video Show is perfect for looking for the top SEO tips, strategies, and secrets, and with the help of the Google SEO news, you can build your SEO knowledge each week.

With SEO content, there are many areas to focus on, such as Google Ranking Factors and YouTube Ranking Factors. So, Paul Andre de Vera wants SEO professionals like himself to join him and become an SEO master and work together as a team. Along with Google SEO news and the YouTube video show live-streamed every week on YouTube, it is possible to extend your SEO knowledge and learn simultaneously.

Visit the site today on for a collection of curated videos that the live SEO Video Show will be reviewing and deconstructing.

More information

If you’re self-employed or an expert SEO professional, then contact SEO Video Show today and become a guest on the show. Paul Andre de Vera is always looking for co-hosts to impart ideas and discuss the curated videos.

Paul Andre is very interested in networking with fellow SEO and digital marketers, so please do not hesitate to contact him. Get in touch with Paul Andre today via email at [email protected] and include your SEO background and experience or call +13235235122 and set up your guest slot on the show right away.

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The SEO Video Show was founded by 15 year SEO professional, Paul Andre de Vera, to help SEOs and digital marketers experienced the best SEO video content.

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