Rigoli Lawyers is a family law specialist firm based in Melbourne, that uses their years of experience and expertise to assist you with complex family law matters, such as, asset splitting, dividing money during a divorce and figuring out exactly what your entitled to when considering a separation.

Their team of skilled lawyers are motivated to give a voice to the down-trodden or weak and provide you with their exceptional advice, and comforting support to help you receive the best possible outcome for your situation.

To find out more about their list of services, that include but are not limited to:

  • Australian divorce law property settlements
  • How much a wife or husband are entitled to in a divorce
  • Estate Planning

Please visit their website at https://rigolilawyers.com.au/our-services/divorce-property-settlement/.


As a Specialist Divorce Property and Financial Settlement firm Rigoli Lawyers understand that it is important that you do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed with your solicitor when discussing stressful personal matters, such as, splitting assets during a divorce.

This is why Rigoli Lawyers spend the extra time to lift up their clients and see them as more than just a case number, but a real, whole person. They use their knowledge to empower you and show you that there is a way out of circumstances that may feel inescapable.

To find the perfect lawyer that is best suited to help you win your case just take a look at their Linkpop page to view all Rigoli Lawyers profiles.

Extra Steps

Rigoli Lawyers take a holistic approach to all their clients and remove any extra pressure you may be experiencing by taking care of all the details and minor issues. They also utilise their established network within Melbourne to connect you with other trusted professionals in case you need any other services.

They believe in maintaining a dignified manner in all negotiations and arrangements, but will if the need arises, use their tenacity and legal proficiency to take the matter to court and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Always seeking to remain ahead and provide you with the advantage needed to win your case, Rigoli Lawyers ensure to invest in technology, so you receive the most up to date and effective resources currently available.

They also have a YouTube channel where you can find out more about Rigoli Lawyers and watch videos which cover some of their family law offerings.

Problem Solvers

They provide a free 30-minute consultation with one of their lawyers at convenient time that suits you, which can be by phone or video conferencing, to save you travel time. Their service will assess your current situation and outline your possible solutions, leaving you equipped with the knowledge of how best to resolve your legal issue, and likely costs.

Rigoli Lawyers guarantee to deliver a comprehensive, detailed legal analysis of your problem and endeavour to contact you on the same day you contacted them about your legal enquiry.

You can also find Rigoli Lawyers on Crunchbase, which is an online platform that provides you with key information about businesses by using live company data, so you can learn more about their firm and their history.

More information

For more details on Rigoli Lawyers, including their list of services, client testimonials and their team of solicitors, please visit the website at https://rigolilawyers.com.au/.

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