Melbourne, Australia – Rigoli Lawyers is an experienced Family Law firm based in Melbourne’s CBD and serves all surrounding suburbs, including St Kilda.

With over 30 years of experience in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce proceedings and divorce property settlements, intervention orders, binding financial agreements, same sex and marital relationships, and other complex family law matters, their team have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your family law issues.

They are now offering their high-quality services to St Kilda and are committed to providing you with professional advice and support to help you get the best possible solution for your case. You can find more information on the services they provide in St Kilda at

Family Law Solicitors 

Rigoli Lawyers and their team of trained solicitors are experts in family law.

They are a customer-focused business and will endeavour to offer you solution-based advice and any support you may need during the entire legal process.

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Some of these services include help with the following:

Applying For a Divorce

The primary grounds for divorce require that you have been separated for at least 12 months.

There are times when one spouse is unable to leave the family home, which is referred to as “separation under the same roof.”

Proof of such an arrangement must be provided in the form of corroboration from a family member or friend by way of affidavit. An important factor for married couples is to ensure that you can present your marriage certificate as proof of marriage, which is also required in addition to proof of separation.

Domestic and Family Violence

Whether it is physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, threats or coercion, these can all be forms of family and domestic violence and can cause pain and suffering.

Rigoli Lawyers can help you with immediate legal measures to protect you and your family against domestic or family violence.

Applying For an Intervention Order

An intervention order will help to protect you as the courts will issue an order legally prohibiting any contact from the other party to you or your family where there is risk of harm from the other party.

Property Settlements

After a divorce case has begun, one question many may ask is – which assets are they entitled to, and how should assets be split?

Some assets may include:

  • Property (such as land or your home)
  • Vehicles
  • Bank Accounts (Individual, joint accounts, or children accounts)
  • Collectible Possessions (such as artwork, memorabilia, and anything else of value)
  • Business interests and shareholdings

They can assist you with arranging independent valuations with real estate agents and other valuation experts to determine a property’s market value and the overall net asset calculatins so that you can divide your assets appropriately and receive what you are entitled to.

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After devoting the past 30 years to helping their clients reach favourable outcomes in complex family law cases, it is no surprise that over the years Rigoli Lawyers has received excellent feedback and reviews from clients.

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