Victoria, Australia – If you are looking for a team of experienced family lawyers in Melbourne, then search no further than Rigoli Lawyers. This law firm that specialises in family law was founded by Maria Rigoli, who has 30 years of experience in the field and was awarded the suburban lawyer of the year in 2016 by the prestigious Law Institute of Victoria.

Rigoli Lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist you with a variety of family law legal needs, such as, complex family law, divorce settlements, separation agreements, as well as many more.

Their lawyers are a team of hardworking and reliable individuals who are all well-versed in their fields of practice and will do everything they can to provide you with professional advice and reach the best possible outcome for your case.

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Divorce Property Settlement

When dealing with complex family law issues, it is important that you seek legal advice that you can trust.

Rigoli Lawyers understand that such cases, like divorce and property settlement, can place a lot of pressure not only on yourself but also your family. This is why their team of lawyers place an emphasis on providing a compassionate service and always approach sensitive matters with attention to detail and tenacity to ensure that you get some type of resolution with your case.

Dedicated with helping you find your positive outcome, Rigoli Lawyers are determined to aid you in achieving relief and certainty during (and after) your legal issues. You can find a variety of positive Rigoli Lawyers Reviews & Testimonials online, so you can be reassured your working with a firm that you can trust.

They are experienced with a list of legal matters, such as:

  • Divorce Property and Financial Settlement – When you are going through this difficult time, one of the hardest things that you have to consider is the process of dividing up your assets and/or property with your former partner. Rigoli Lawyers are here to help you fully understand what you are entitled to, how divorce settlements are calculated in Australia and the property settlement after divorce time limit, so that you can receive exactly what you should. For more information, please visit,
  • Binding Financial Agreements and Contracts – Before signing your name on something that is full of legal jargon, contact the team at Rigoli Lawyers who will walk you through each part of the contract or agreement and make sure that you make an informed decision before you sign.
  • Complex Family Law and General Family Law Matters – As an accredited family law specialist firm, Rigoli Lawyers have devoted extra time to truly understand all aspects of family law and will use their in-depth knowledge and experience to get you the best possible outcome at minimal cost.
  • Consent Orders and Parenting Plans/Orders – If you are having trouble with your ex-spouse or partner when trying to arrange parenting plans, then Rigoli Lawyers can help you find a solution. They will make a detailed analysis of your problem then provide you with key advice and strategies on how to achieve your desired result.

So, if you have a family law problem which you wish to resolve in an efficient and stress-free way, contact Rigoli Lawyers and allow their skilled team to use their experience to find you the best possible solution for your case.

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