Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc Specializes in Waste Disposal. Like similar catalyst recycling companies, RTS buy and ship hazardous wastes containing precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, palladium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, etc. to Hongjing Resource Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea, for spent catalyst recycling.

This international company has a new website and one goal in mind: working hard and making the world landfill-free. RTS has over 15 years of experience complying with OECD, Basel Convention, 40CFR, Title 22, and the Waste German Act in the transboundary movements of hazardous waste.

Since RTS is an international company, they will file the waste notice to the various competent authorities on behalf of the generator and act as the exporter of the waste for recycling.

RTS Hazardous waste processing

Recognized Trading & Shipping ensures proper care is taken during the separation and storage of waste. The correct procedures are followed according to the applicable laws and standards during the custody of ‘said waste.’

At the HongJing facility in Korea, the team at RTS – ‘safely offloads the entirety of all units of hazardous waste that were properly sealed, loaded and shipped by RTS within industry-approved shipping containers.’

Then the sealed units are housed with similar waste and stored right up to the beginning stages of HongJing’s recycling and reprocessing.

The Steps and Techniques Involved in the Recycling and Reprocessing Stage

RTS begins by screening the materials to remove particulates and any stray items. HongJing wants to avoid placing into their rotary kilns, which are types of heaters that heat the material to a temperature range of 300-600° C.

According to RTS, this is called de-coking, and this is an essential step in the process as HongJing will able to use the metal alloys in the final stage of reprocessing.

RTS aims to provide environmentally friendly techniques when it comes to recycling. Therefore, HongJing’s process involves the use of a prevention facility that utilizes an intensive flue gas cleaning system to ensure the process continues to be environmentally friendly.’

Finally, the recycling and reprocessing stage ends with a leaching process; it is highly beneficial for HongJing and dramatically impacts the economy. This leaching process helps protect the environment as RTS explains that the ‘repurpose said materials (Mo, C, Ni, and Co) flow back into industries such as steel manufacturing and the production of ceramics and abrasives.’

More information

RTS and Hongjing have encouraged companies to follow in their footsteps and use different techniques when it comes to this form of recycling/processing as it has a positive effect on the environment. RTS state that more companies should consider trying out new methodologies that do not negatively impact the environment.

For catalyst recycling prices, get a quote from RTS online today at fill in your details, and a representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours. Also, why not check out the RTS process in more detail while you’re on the site with videos about each step of the process.

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RTS has over 15 years experience complying with OECD, Basel Convention, 40CFR, Title 22 and the Waste German Act in the transboundary movements of hazardous waste.

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