Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. know exactly what they are doing when it comes to handling hazardous industrial waste. As hazardous waste exporting experts with over 15 years of experience in the field, RTS understands what it takes to ensure the correct procedures are followed according to the applicable laws during their custody of the waste products. What’s more, they are world-renowned for their precision, competence, and commitment, and they aim to provide great service to every single one of their clients.

As spent catalyst recycling specialists, RTS buy and ship hazardous wastes containing precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, palladium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, and more to Hongjing Resource Company, Ltd. in the Republic of Korea for spent catalyst recycling. These precious metals are rare and valuable, which means that they need to be handled by experienced professionals like the teams at RTS and Hongjing.

Why it is vital to recycle spent catalysts

Spent catalyst recycling is essential in today’s environmentally conscious world. Industrial catalysts are designed to reduce CO2 emissions through a process known as “desulfurization”. The metals present in the catalyst are precious because they are rare natural resources that are also finite in quantity. Recycling these precious metals recovered saves energy and prevents them from otherwise being wasted. Therefore, the recovery of these metals via spent catalyst recycling operations is fundamental to the continuation of oil refineries and other industrial facilities. Most importantly of all, the spent catalyst recycling process is essential to the protection of the environment.

RTS always aims to use the most environmentally friendly techniques possible when it comes to their recycling processes. The team behind RTS, including CEO Sarah Gautier and President Kevin Berry, would like to urge more companies to adopt an eco-minded approach to handling waste like spent catalysts, especially given the recent global focus on sustainability and environmental protection.

The spent catalyst recycling process

The catalyst to be recycled is generally bought back from oil refineries. During recycling, the various precious metals contained in the catalyst are separated and treated to remove any polluting components. The recycled parts of the catalyst can be resold, reused, or passed on to professionals, depending on the type of metal.

As part of this recycling process, RTS provides accurate sampling services that are fully documented. They have also invested heavily in cutting-edge sampling equipment. They believe this precision, transparency and financial investment is crucial to their work, because sampling is such a critical step in the overall recycling process. It allows them to accurately determine the residual amount of the three precious metals in a batch of spent catalyst, making the whole operation more efficient, eco-friendly and economically sustainable.

More information

Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. is an international company, and as such they file the waste notice to the various competent authorities on behalf of the generator and act as the exporter of the waste for recycling. They have the technology, resources, and expertise to ensure each one of their services has the best possible outcome, whether financial or ecological. Their very high recycling rates are unrivalled, and they are proud to be able to contribute to saving the planet. They look forward to a future where more and more companies consider using innovative new methodologies that do not negatively impact the environment.

To find out more about RTS, please head over to their website at There is a wealth of information on the site about their services in dealing with industrial waste, their experience in the field and the processes behind everything they do. You can also search for answers to common questions in the useful FAQ section. For all other enquiries about waste disposal or catalyst recovery, please get in touch by either filling in the contact form on their website or emailing [email protected]


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RTS has over 15 years experience complying with OECD, Basel Convention, 40CFR, Title 22 and the Waste German Act in the transboundary movements of hazardous waste.

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