Omaha, NE – After a volatile winter and chilly spring, temperatures are finally starting to warm throughout the United States. While this might be good news for pet parents, they shouldn’t throw caution to the wind when spending time outdoors with their pets.

According to Dr. Christopher Holstege at the University of Virginia, “As global temperatures rise, tick activity will be less hindered due to fewer cold days.”

Hot, humid climates are the perfect environment for fleas and ticks. And these dangerous parasites carry diseases that can be life-threatening to humans and animals alike.

PetFriendly is helping pet parents understand this threat while also providing an effective and affordable monthly solution. The pet care subscription service develops expert advice for their resource center to complement the vet-formulated flea & tick protection they offer customers.

One customer reviewed the service stating, “In Florida, it is hard to find a product that actually works for fleas. We have used oral products in the past, but it is so expensive and has started to not be as effective. [PetFriendly’s] products are inexpensive and work well.”

Delivered monthly, the Company has perfected the combination of quality and convenience. Their comprehensive approach has helped thousands of pets avoid infection and disease.

PetFriendly’s in-house vet tech, Tracy Isenberg, suggests that pet parents look for treatment that is both simple and safe. “Any tool a pet owner uses to protect their pets from fleas and ticks should be safe and effective. Plus, be simple and convenient enough to remember.”

In a world where climate change seems to be impacting a variety of aspects in our lives, preventing fleas and ticks isn’t as easy as it once was. PetFriendly understands this challenge and is working daily to educate pet parents every step of the way.

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