Yokine, Australia – Aaron is one of the many satisfied patients that underwent a dental implant procedure from DaVinci Smiles. Throughout his life, he made some poor health choices that led to bad oral health that affected his self-confidence and his quality of life. Aaron new that he needed to seek help and make a real change in order to lead a better life, which led him to DaVinci Smiles. In this patient testimonial, Aaron details how the dental implant procedure transformed his life and boosted his confidence.

Aaron wanted to have good teeth for several years because it impacted the way that he interacted with other people. He spent many years covering his mouth and concealing his smile when he spoke with people, which often led him to feel judged by them. Aaron hated the way that people perceived him because of his missing and damaged teeth. It was incredibly difficult for him to interact with people freely and be self-confident when meeting new people. Aaron states, “It was even hard for me to look at myself in the mirror. This has been hard on my self-esteem and it’s been difficult for me to build intimate relationships and make new friends.”

Like Aaron, many patients who go to DaVinci Smiles for dental implants have lived with the stigma of having bad teeth and struggled to build relationships with others. If people are not comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror and are self-conscious about their teeth, it can be difficult for them to speak freely with others in order to hide their poor oral health. The dentists at DaVinci Smiles are experienced in giving patients dental implant procedures that lead to normal and happier lives. Dental implant procedures can replace missing or damaged teeth to give patients a better smile and another chance at having great oral health. The procedure is very technical, but it has a widespread impact on patients’ lives and can signficantly improve their quality of life.

Aaron states, “My life has changed completely, like night and day. I have my confidence back, I can be me again, and it’s all because I got teeth and I can smile again. I can already tell how differently people see me now, but more than that, I feel like I can finally move forward and forget my past life. I am no longer the Aaron that I once was, I feel way more positive about my life.”

Just like Aaron, many other DaVinci patients have noticed a change in the way that other people perceive them and in how they feel about themselves. When people are able to smile at others and communicate confidently, it’s easier to make new friends, build intimate relationships, and have better opportunities for their careers. Teeth can make a big difference in boosting one’s self-esteem.

DaVinci Smiles is one of the most highly recommended and trusted dental clinics in Australia. Aaron described his experience of finding DaVinci Smiles and said that it gave him a “sense of relief and trust” that he hadn’t experienced with other dental clinics in the area. If you’d like to learn more about the great work that DaVinci Smile is doing, then please visit their website.


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