Las Vegas, Nevada – PatchMD, a health and wellness service specializing in vitamin and mineral supplement patches, is pleased to announce the launch of five new products. T-Synergy, Magna Calm, Modern Man, Ultimate Trainer/Recovery, and Tri-Mag Complex will make it easier than ever for customers to benefit from vitamin and mineral supplements. 

PatchMD‘s goal is to provide an easy and convenient way for customers to get the vitamins, minerals, and supplements they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Through their five new products, PatchMD aims to provide even more nutritional options for their customers. Each product has been designed with optimal nutrition and health benefits in mind, targeting unique areas of the body to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

PatchMD’s Tri-Mag Complex Topical Patch targets magnesium deficiencies through 3 forms of magnesium. This option is best for customers who are looking for a restful night’s sleep without taking supplements in pill form.  Magnesium supplementation has been linked to improved mood regulation, more restorative sleep & reduced inflammation.

The Ultimate Trainer and Recovery Topical Patch is formulated specifically to aid exercise recovery. This product was designed specifically for customers looking for a way to boost muscle recovery and decrease fatigue after exercise to see optimal results. The Ultimate Trainer and Recovery Topical Patch provides nutrients that may help increase muscle strength, resistance to fatigue, and enhanced aerobic performance and recovery from exercise. 

PatchMD’s Modern Man Topical Patch is designed to enhance male libido. Formulated with powerful libido enhancing ingredients such as Asian Ginseng, Maca Root, and D Aspartic Acid, this product is best for men looking to maintain their edge and boost their energy in the bedroom. 

The Magna Calm Topical Patch was formulated to increase the healthy function of the hypothalamus. With supplements comprised of magnesium, passionflower, and 5HTP, the Magna Calm Topical Patch sets out to combat the effects of magnesium deficiencies. This particular product is infused with minerals that have been linked to more restorative sleep, increased concentration, reduced inflammation, and improved mood regulation. 

PatchMD also offers a thyroid-support patch, called T-Synergy Topical Patch. By focusing on the thyroid, which the body needs to produce hormones vital for both physical and mental health, the T-Synergy Topical Patch aims to promote overall health and decrease fatigue. Vital ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B12 were all carefully selected to improve overall thyroid health for each customer. By focusing specifically on these supplements, the T-Synergy Topical Pouch sets out to increase overall health, lower depression, improve metabolism, and boost levels of energy. 

Each of these five new products adds new opportunities for health and wellness for all of PatchMD’s customers. By launching supplement blends for the modern world, PatchMD ensures that they are the one-stop shop for convenient and high-quality supplements through a topical patch. Customers are encouraged to purchase several patches for comprehensive effects and to save with bulk discounts.  

With the announcement of their upcoming rollout, PatchMD hopes to provide products that have a meaningful impact on the health and wellness industry. Striving to increase their customer’s health and overall well being by offering more revolutionary topical supplements, their new supplements reinforce their company’s ethos. All five patches are currently available on the official website for customers to purchase and receive via mail delivery.

To learn more about PatchMD brand and the new product launch, visit the new doctor formulation products page on their website. 

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About: PatchMD is a health and wellness company that offers mineral and vitamin supplement patches that are designed to be worn on the skin.


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