Drenthe, Netherlands – Van Maanen LOCA, a renowned online dog training school (Hondenschool) offering a wide range of specialist courses for speakers of the Dutch language, is excited to announce the launch of its new Puppy training Van Maanen LOCA that is specifically tailored to puppy’s most common to complex training needs.

The new online puppy training provided by Van Maanen LOCA is a comprehensive 16-week training program designed to cover more topics than a traditional puppy course at a dogschool. The elaborate course covers two essential topics: how to raise and train a puppy so a dog owner can help their puppy grow and become a loyal, friendly dog.

“Do you think, ‘Oh well, that will come later,’ ‘I don’t have time for a puppy course right now,’ or ‘let him be a puppy first, then we will train him when he is older’?” asked a spokesperson from Van Maanen LOCA. “To properly lay the foundation for your dog’s socialization, you really need to start training now. And… Your puppy? He really enjoys taking puppy training with you!”

Customized to suit the needs of every type of puppy as well as busy owners by offering multiple short sessions of training instead of intensive 1-hour training, Van Maanen LOCA’s puppy training follows a logical structure that ensures a good balance between rest and activity while ensuring techniques can be easily practiced daily and take just a few minutes.

With 5 core exercises each week, easy-to-follow videos, and actionable tips, the online dog school allows owners to train from home in a comfortable environment where they can re-watch the training videos, such as masterclasses in puppy potty training, puppy socialization, and puppy biting, as many times as needed.

Additionally, due to Van Maanen LOCA’s confidence in the effectiveness of its online puppy training, it is offering those who are not happy with the course the opportunity to receive 100% of their money back within the first 30 days.

For dog owners interested in Van Maanen LOCA’s new puppy training, the online dog school invites them to visit its website, where they can learn more about the individual modules that will be covered in the course.

About Van Maanen LOCA

Van Maanen LOCA is an online dog training school (online hondenschool) run by Eline van Maanen and experienced dog trainer Minna, who together utilize their expertise to offer a range of specialist online courses, such as puppy training, solving problematic dog behavior, and how to become a successful dog trainer. With Van Maanen LOCA’s own ‘LOCA’ training method and range of effective courses and training, the company helps owners become soulmates with their dogs.

More Information

To learn more about Van Maanen LOCA and the launch of its new online puppy training course, please visit the website at https://vanmaanenloca.nl/puppy-training/. Please note that all courses are only available in Dutch (spoken language) without subtitles.

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Source: https://thenewsfront.com/online-hondenschool-van-maanen-loca-launch-comprehensive-online-puppy-training/

About Van Maanen LOCA

My name is Eline van Maanen. Together with my husband Jan, we are very proud owners of Van Maanen Holiday Homes and Van Maanen LOCA.

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