Drenthe, Netherlands – Online hondenschool Van Maanen Loca is thrilled to announce the recent overhaul of its website to create a more user-friendly and easy-to-use experience that better showcases the range of courses, informative blog posts, and puppy training available at the online dog school.

With an updated and eye-catching design, Van Maanen LOCA’s new website enables visitors fluent in Dutch to easily access its basic puppy and obedience training, solving problematic behavior lessons and courses on how to become a dog trainer.

Van Maanen LOCA is dedicated to the mission of giving dog owners the most optimal connection with their dogs, positively influencing the lives of as many dogs and dog owners as possible, and uniting dog owners in its inclusive online dog community that allows members to ask questions, gain support and receive personal guidance regarding the dog courses they bought.

The dog courses (hondencursussen) are designed for every dog age and breed while also suiting every type of owner. They are run by Eline van Maanen and award-winning dog trainer and WCFO champion Minna who has achieved impressive results in the following:

  • Agility: IMCA; World Championship 1st and 4th and 9th place
  • Agility: FHN; NK 1st A class, 1st B class, 2nd B class, 2nd C class
  • Dogdance: European Championship (7 times), National Championship 5x 1st place, 3x 2nd place.

“My name is Minna; I am a canine instructor. I had a dog school for years. I work for the Dutch Cell Dogs Foundation as an instructor and for LOCA, of course. I also guide people with problem dogs,” said Minna of Van Maanen LOCA. “I started with show training and tracking when I was 14 years old and clicker training when I was 22 years old. I have also given several seminars in Sweden and South Africa as well as many other training courses, including in Belgium (IWDA), Italy (IWDA), Training in America (Karen Pryor Academy), and the Czech Republic (Agility). In the Netherlands, seminars by Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, and Alexa Capra. Training at Agility Academy, O&O, Dog Vision. Dogdance and Agility seminars around the world.”

Utilizing its own LOCA training method (Leerzaam – Educational, Ontspannen – Relaxed, Creatief – Creatively, Actief – Active), Van Maanen LOCA’s courses, lectures, and workshops for dog schools and private individuals focuses on helping owners become soulmates with their dogs and employ positive puppy and dog training as opposed to dated methods that punish a dog for bad behavior.

For those interested in seeing Van Maanen LOCA’s full list of online dog school courses (Hondenschool online) and dog training (Hondentraining) available, they should reach out via the convenient contact form on the website.

About Van Maanen LOCA

Van Maanen LOCA is an online dog training school (online hondenschool) run by Eline and experienced dog trainer Minna, who together utilize their expertise to offer a range of specialist online courses, such as puppy training, solving problematic dog behavior, and how to become a successful dog trainer. With Van Maanen LOCA’s own ‘LOCA’ training method and range of effective courses and training, the company helps owners become soulmates with their dogs.

More Information

To learn more about Van Maanen LOCA and the recent overhaul of its website, please visit https://vanmaanenloca.nl.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/online-dog-school-van-maanen-loca-announce-overhaul-of-website/

About Van Maanen LOCA

My name is Eline van Maanen. Together with my husband Jan, we are very proud owners of Van Maanen Holiday Homes and Van Maanen LOCA.

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