A1 Affordable Garage Door Services is an Authorized Dealer for LiftMaster 85503 Beltdrive Garage Door Openers. LiftMaster’s powerful combination of reliable hardware and myQ smart technology has enabled millions of homeowners to control, secure and monitor one of the home’s busiest access points – the garage. Today, LiftMaster is expanding its myQ-connected ecosystem to include smart cameras and locks. The expanded line-up of myQ-connected products and solutions was unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Incorporating locks and cameras within LiftMaster’s myQ-connected ecosystem of smart home products allows homeowners to scale the entry points they have control over and customize how they interact with each connected entry point. New products include:

  • LiftMaster Smart Cameras: The garage is more than just a place to park your car. It holds prized possessions, family treasures, and, for most, it’s a bustling passageway to the home. Stop imagining and see for yourself what’s going on in your garage and around your home. Add a LiftMaster camera to your myQ App to see and hear what’s happening in your garage, anytime, anywhere.
  • LiftMaster WI-FI® Garage Door Opener with Integrated Camera (85503)– The eyes and ears of the garage and first-ever garage door opener that comes with a built-in wide-angle camera and 2-way communication. Ensure your family, prized possessions and even your Amazon Prime Packages are safe and secure with a reliable garage door opener that’s easy to use, built to last and exceptionally powerful.

LiftMaster myQ-connected Smart Garage Door Openers work with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to provide Amazon Prime members with a secure, convenient place for all their package deliveries. Later this year LiftMaster Locks and Cameras will also work seamlessly with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to provide added security and convenience when linked through the myQ App to the Key by Amazon App. The seamless delivery experience will include:

  • Watching deliveries happen in real-time through the Key App and/or the myQ App
  • Added peace of mind with the ability to ensure your garage entry door is secure at all times.

For a homeowner that wants to monitor the home while away, or an Amazon delivery driver completing an in-garage delivery, myQ-connected technology enables people to complete, track and record every access event. Smart phone alerts notify you if someone has opened the garage door or front door and real-time video monitoring allows you to see what is going on even if you’re on vacation halfway across the world.

“Having peace of mind that your child arrived home from school, you remembered to close the garage door when you left the home, or the package was securely delivered, helps us to move through our busy days without distractions,” adds Meredith. “With the LiftMaster myQ-connected smart access ecosystem,you can monitor and control your home’s main entry points from your smartphone anytime, from anywhere.” For more information go to RepairGarageDoors.com.

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