Is your garage door off track? When this occurs, it requires the attention of a professional garage door technician. It’s vital that you don’t try to operate or fix the faulty door yourself, as it can be a very dangerous undertaking if you’re not properly trained in garage door repairs. As well as being a dangerous task to DIY, trying to fix a garage door by yourself can cause financial upset too if a minor repair turns into a major issue – or even necessitates the garage door being replaced entirely.

A1 Affordable Garage Services offers specialist garage door repair in Plano Texas. Because the team there understand that accidents and emergencies happen, they work on a 24/7 basis to keep you and your home safe.

What’s more, the A1 garage door repair specialists take great pride in helping homeowners like you to understand how their garage door and garage door opener functions. There are several reasons for a garage door coming off the track, and here the A1 Affordable Garage Services team suggest 3 possible causes:

  • The garage door has broken or worn parts

Broken parts on a garage door can cause major issues. For example, a broken spring can cause a garage door to be solely supported by the side of the remaining, unbroken spring. This can result in the garage door coming off track.

There is also the chance that the rollers will wear out and become wobbly. Potentially, these important rollers can even come off completely or get locked in place, making your garage door come off track.

2) The garage door has a loose part

Because garages are usually a heavily used part of the home, with the door opening and closing multiple times every day, it is possible for a nut or bolt to work themselves loose. Such loose parts can cause a garage door to malfunction, possibly even coming off track.

3) Something damaged the garage door

Have you ever accidentally driven into your garage door, or experienced something falling on the garage door tracks? These common accidents can easily cause the garage door to come off track.

If you’re searching for garage door repair near me, you can’t go wrong with A1 Affordable Garage Services – simply contact the team today to find out how they can help you.

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Based in Texas, A1 Affordable Garage Services is a well-respected company offering garage door repair Frisco, garage door repair McKinney, and more. The A1 team take great pride in the fact that they offer same-day emergency services at affordable prices with no hidden fees, and they always strive to put the customer first in everything they do.

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