Nehora Law Firm continues to represent individuals in wrongful death accidents. Nehora Law Firm is a law firm that represents individuals who have lost a member of their family. If your loved one died due to another person’s negligence, you might be owed significant compensation under the California law of wrongful death lawsuits.

The team at Nehora Law Firm has many years of experience handling lawsuits stemming from death, which are known in California as wrongful death actions. You can call one of their experienced lawyers today if you would like to file a wrongful death case.

According to Nehora Law Firm, an act of negligence can lead to the death of another person, which requires reliable legal counsel. They also mention that understandably, the death of a loved one is painful, and unexpected death can be even more traumatic.

Then you may have to deal with many bills such as funeral costs, medical bills, loss of income, and other costs that can quickly add up. So, Nehora Law Firm wants to represent individuals and file a wrongful death case on behalf of the victim’s surviving family members to recover for their loss.

Also, if a member of your family died as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be owed substantial compensation. Nehora Law Firm will help you file a lawsuit against individuals, corporations, and other entities. Nehora Law Firm makes sure they win each lawsuit so you can receive compensation for the loss of life of your family member or relative. If you are a surviving family member or relative who has lost a loved one, contact Nehora Law Firm today to discuss your death claim.

Nehora Law Firm has the knowledge and expertise to pursue any lawsuit involving the death of a loved one. The Law Firm would also like to inform the public that California state law has a statute of limitations in many cases. Therefore it is essential to request a consultation and file claim so you can receive compensation for the loss of life and your legal death claims soon.

If you are wondering what you can file a lawsuit for, Nehora Law Firm have compiled a list of instances which can allow you to pursue a wrongful death claim such as:

  • A dog bite
  • A car accident
  • A slip or fall
  • A bicycle or pedestrian accident
  • An injury caused by a malfunctioning product
  • An act of negligence

In California, a lawyer may be called to assist after several different accidents. Nehora Law Firm has handled all the cases mentioned above as well as medical malpractice situations, and those resulting in a death claim.

Nehora Law Firm would like you to schedule a call with one of the attorneys if you or a loved have suffered one of these, and it has resulted in wrongful death. The lawyers will analyze your claim to determine if you have a case. They advise you, however, that only those who are directly affected by the death may file a wrongful death lawsuit, which is an immediate member of your family and surviving children or spouses.

Contact Nehora Law Firm today to speak with one of the wrongful death attorneys on how they can handle your wrongful death lawsuit. You can call the law firm on 949-629-4349 to schedule a free consultation, or you can go online to their website, to find out more information about wrongful death claims.


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