Nehora Law Firm protects and represents its clients against harassment from telephone marketing Calls and Messages. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Nehora Law Firm wants to represent people who have received these unwanted and are being harassed by telephone marketing and text messages. Nehora Law Firm wants you to know, if telemarketing or robocalls have harassed you, contact the law firm today to speak with a TCPA attorney to discuss how we can help you recover monetary damages.

So, in 1991, Congress enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to address the mass amount of marketing calls. Under the act, it stated that – companies were restricted from making marketing telephone calls as well as the use of making calls that were automatic and pre-recorded. Then, the Federal Communications Commission adopted guidelines and regulations that would implement the TCPA.

Phone calls which are pre-recorded and even auto dialed and made to a person’s landline or cell phone, and made without the person’s consent, are known as robocalls. Marketing companies are known as telemarketers, who usually make robocalls. These robocalls are used for marketing or selling a person a product or service, and these telemarketers will call at random and without a warrant.

Nehora Law Firm gives us some helpful advice on their website to determine if a phone call is auto-dialed or not, and they have compiled a few ways to help you figure out, such as:

  • Receiving more than four phone calls from the same caller
  • Receiving more than four phone calls from the same voicemail
  • Answering a phone call with no person on the other end – no person
  • Answering a phone call with no person on the other end – a recording

Nehora Law Firm recommends taking a few precautions if unwarranted phone calls are harassing a person. The following list highlights some of the most common methods a person can protect him or herself from unsolicited phone calls.

For instance, if there was any form of given consent, revoke the approval as soon as possible. Especially if the caller refuses to uphold the withdrawal, it is crucial to speak with a TCPA lawyer at Nehora Law Firm. An attorney can help the person find another method of discontinuing the harassing phone calls.

Another tip is to withdraw from telephone calls coming from a specific caller. According to the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, callers are also required to give people the option to withdraw from receiving any future automated telephone calls. This feature is commonly stated during the automated list of options.

Also, a straightforward way of protecting yourself is by adding yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry. You can do this by going online to the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry website, or you can call them on (888)-382-1222.

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from being harassed by Telemarketing calls and messages, contact Nehora Law Firm today, and they will be happy to assist you with any queries or questions. One piece of advice they would recommend doing is registering to the list so telemarketers will no longer be able to call you. You can call Nehora Law Firm today on 949-629-4349, visit their website or you can go online to their website: for more information.


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