Buying a mattress is no easy decision. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and with a good night’s rest being integral to both our physical and mental health, choosing one that’s right for you is more important than you may think.

Mattress Buzz is a mattress review website on a mission. They’ve set out to promote the benefits of a good night’s sleep and provide consumers with clear, unbiased information on all thing’s mattress related. From product reviews and comparisons to sizing guidance and sleep advice, they want consumers to sleep easy in the knowledge that their next mattress is the right purchase.

With an added focus on organic and natural mattresses, Mattress Buzz are also addressing a shift in an industry that, like many, is looking for ways to manufacture products sustainably.

Below, Mattress Buzz provide give us a brief overview on their mission to promote the benefits of sleep, and four things to consider before choosing your next mattress:

The mission: to help consumers understand the benefits of a genuinely good nights sleep, and be armed with the information they need to buy the ideal mattress

We all know we need sleep. It helps us feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on another day. However, getting a good night’s sleep day after day is far more beneficial than you may think. Here are just some of the benefits of sleep:

  • It gives your mind time to learn, memorize and recover
  • It helps you to maintain a healthy weight
  • It decreases your risk of developing heart problems
  • It improves your immune system through rest and repair
  • It reduces stress and improves mood
  • It improves emotional and mental wellbeing
  • It enhances productivity

Many things can impact the quality of your sleep. However, one aspect of your nightly routine that you can control more so than others is your choice of mattress.

Providing consumers with the advice and guidance they need to make a mattress purchase decision

Your mattress plays a big part in the quality of your sleep and overall health. As part of their mission, Mattress Buzz review mattress from a wide selection of manufacturers, comparing them against one another, and detailing the key information that consumers need to make a purchase decision.

The Mattress Buzz review website is a vast content hub spanning all manners of related topics, such the pros and cons of popular makes and models, if buying organic is worth the money, sizing and naming guidance and so much more.

As a brief overview of what to expect from the website, Mattress Buzz have detailed four things you should consider when purchasing your next mattress. Much more information on each of the below can be found on the Mattress Buzz website.

  1. Your sleeping position

You may not know it, but your sleeping position will be better suited to certain types of mattresses. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side, or you’re a one of a kind, there will be certain materials and firm densities that provide you with the body support you need.

  1. Your weight

Some mattresses are better suited for people with lighter body types, while others are built to cater for heavier body types. When choosing a mattress, it’s best to honestly evaluate your requirements and pick one that suits your weight (or combined weight with a partner), for the benefit of your nightly sleep.

  1. Your preference on firmness

Certain parts of your body may need more support than others. Those with poor posture may find that a soft mattress disturbs sleep with your body feeling unsupported and sinking into the material. Consider your size, weight, body type and support preference to determine if hard or soft is right for you.

  1. Your budget

Your budget will undoubtably play a role in your purchase decision. What’s worth considering is how much you value your quality of sleep, and how much you want to invest in something where you spend a large proportion of your lifetime. On the Mattress Buzz website, consumers can read unbiased reviews on mattresses based on their budget.


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Mattress Buzz is a mattress review website that provides unbiased and transparent information on mattresses and related topics. Their content answers many of the key questions that consumers have when in the market for a new mattress, alongside reviewing popular products, niche products and promoting the benefits of sleep and organic mattresses. Learn more via the website:


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