[London, UK] [May, 2022]— Keywords are a crucial element of link-building, and ensuring you have the most relevant key phrases is even more important. Although short-tail keywords do tend to have high search volumes, these types of keywords can be very competitive and it can take a while until you are ranked higher up on the search engine results pages.

For this reason, using short-tail keywords can be seen as less efficient and cost-effective as using long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords tend to be more specific, and therefore tend to get less search traffic – but don’t get that deter you – long-tail keywords actually generate further website traffic and have a higher conversion rate. This is because users are actively searching for those questions or keywords.

Despite long-tail keywords being used less frequently, the searcher who finds their desired product is more likely to purchase your products or services, or at least reach out to find out more.

While short-tail keywords can be exciting (in the short-term) because generalised searches have higher search volumes, using long-tail keywords is more rewarding. The reason marketers should use longer terms with lower volume search is due to the lower competitive nature. It is much easier to rank for long-tail keywords than typical or common keywords, and it helps to boost organic traffic altogether.

The value of long-tail keywords, James Speyer, head of SEO at The Brains, says:

“It’s in human nature to want to achieve the best. We’re also impatient creatures, which means we want everything now. For SEO, that can often mean latching on to ideas about ranking for big volume, big competition keywords that could turn your business into a gold mine. But in the Google algorithms, going after big fish too early is likely to mean you achieve less than 0. Instead, you often end up wasting your investment for zero returns. The keyword ranking game can be considered like martial arts training. You need to get your belts one by one, you don’t go straight for the black. In real terms that means you should look to prove yourself in easy to win keywords first, and once you’ve done that, you can move up the leader boards to rank for harder and harder terms, until you’re ready for that ‘golden goose’ phrase. Long tail keywords help you get there. These lower volume, low competition keywords give you an opportunity to train your craft, build your business’s relevance, and start working towards bigger and bigger opportunities.”

James Speyer, Head of SEO, The Brains

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