The House of the Rising Son is a full-service substance abuse recovery centre located in idyllic Southern Orange County. Their team of skilled staff offer specialist support and professional Couples Rehab for partners who want to take back control of their relationship and life.

Working through your recovery goals can be difficult on your own, and that’s why The House of the Rising Son’s experienced therapists provide couple treatment plans, such as, couples therapy, couples rehab and one on one counselling, as well as a minimum 30 day couples detox and residential treatment options.

Each of their expert treatment plans are uniquely personalized to you and your partners specific goals and needs, so you not only have the comfort of healing with your significant other but can also learn triggers and behaviours that may have contributed to your addiction or added strain to your relationship.

Breaking The Cycle

The House of the Rising Son understand that when only one partner undergoes rehab for substance abuse and addiction, while the other may continue to use drugs or alcohol, it can lead to demotivation, the risk of relapse and increase the difficulty for the one who is receiving help to overcome their addiction.

Their Addiction Treatment for Couples is designed for couples to work as a team to break the addiction cycle with professional support that focuses on long term sobriety and promoting healthier coping mechanisms, as well as boosting both physical and mental health.

The customized therapeutic processes offered by their addiction experts, such as, behavioral couple-based therapies and a family-orientated treatment approach, have helped many cohabiting partners confront their addiction issues, manage stress and be aware of the signs of co-dependence.

This inclusive approach allows you and your partner to not only learn how to heal together but aids you in creating a fresh relationship dynamic that prioritises mutual support and how to handle relationship issues, while helping you both maintain your recovery. 

Long-Lasting Recovery

Learning how to prevent triggers and overcome obstacles without the aid of substances or alcohol, is integral for couples to achieve a long-term and successful recovery.

In their couple rehab programmes the professional team at The House of the Rising Son will educate you on the coping mechanisms and the tools needed to avoid relapse, while also addressing the root causes of your addiction and offering help on how to manage psychiatric issues, such as, anxiety and depression.

With the option of in or outpatient treatment, there are a range of plans that benefit both addicted and non-addicted partners, by providing them the vital skills needed to achieve success during the recovery process.

  • Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy (ABCT) – This is an outpatient treatment targeted at patients who are struggling with long-term alcohol addiction and uses behavioral therapy to promote abstinence and healthy functioning within their relationship.
  • Behavioral Couple Therapy (BCT) – Through a combination of private and group sessions, BCT is an efficient drug therapy that utilizes a “recovery contract”, where one partner will state their intention not to use drugs or drink alcohol. The other partner will then be taught how to effectively support their partner on how to achieve their goal.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – This treatment plan is a method used to address drug or alcohol addiction through medication and the medical professionals at The House of the Rising Son will prescribe a range of medications to alleviate addiction withdrawal symptoms.
  • 12-Step Meetings – Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) – RCA is a group recovery process that can still be attended after the couple’s treatment is complete and works through 12 comprehensive steps to achieve/maintain sobriety.

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The House of the Rising Son is a full-service substance abuse recovery center located in beautiful Southern Orange County.

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