San Francisco, California – Goodegg Investments, a leading commercial real estate firm in San Francisco, California, is pleased to announce the acquisition of 2 hotel assets via its Goodegg Hotel Fund I and Goodegg Growth Fund II, featuring Candlewood Suites and Holiday Inn Express in Radcliff, Kentucky, that are just 5 minutes away from Fort Knox.

The goals of these recent acquisitions are to provide first-time and experienced investors with the opportunity to diversify outside of multifamily and bolster their overall portfolio with strong cash-flowing assets across multiple markets to minimize risk, as well as create balance, and maximize potential returns.

Goodegg Hotel Fund I, just like the real estate firm’s Goodegg Diversification Fund II, which successfully achieved an 11.3% investor return in 2022, is designed to acquire prime, select-service hotel assets via a diversified fund. The hotels included are select-service rather than full-service hotels that are specifically geared toward business travelers, which have seen demand increase over the past 15+ years as corporate travel budgets have tightened.

Select-service hotels are hotels that offer limited amenities and, unlike full-service hotels, don’t typically have a full on-site restaurant, spa, or any of the other luxury amenities that can be quite costly to operate. Select-service hotels are a great investment because they are efficient and cost-effective, and they are much more resilient and less susceptible to the ups and downs of seasonal and leisure travel, especially when they’re in key locations.

The other opportunity offered by Goodegg Investments is its Goodegg Growth Fund II, which gives both accredited and non-accredited investors the chance to invest in its recently acquired 2 select-service hotels in Kentucky that are located just 5 minutes outside Fort Knox – one of the largest military bases in the country. The unique location allows investors to capture hotel stays from government contractors, military personnel, and other business travelers.

With a minimum investment of $10,000, both hotels featured in Goodegg Growth Fund II are currently rated 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor across hundreds of reviews. This shows that the properties see high demand and high occupancy but are also operated with a level of efficiency and service that keeps guests happy and coming back for additional stays.

“Given the pent-up demand for travel post-COVID-19, both business and leisure travel have rebounded in a big way, leading to huge opportunities in hotel investments,” said CEO of Goodegg Investments Julie Lam. “With the outstanding performance and strong cash flow of the hotel assets we’ve acquired to date, we are bullish on the hotel sector and anticipate tremendous opportunities in the coming months and years.”

For investors of all levels looking to diversify their portfolio through cash-flowing hotels in a solid and stable market, Goodegg Investments invites them to visit the extensive Open Deals section of its website or to reach out with any questions via email or phone.

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Goodegg Investments is a renowned real estate firm in San Francisco, California that is committed to helping clients scale and diversify their real estate portfolios by providing a variety of lucrative real estate syndications that offer all the benefits of investing in real estate without any of the hassles of being a landlord. From first-time investors to clients who have closed dozens of deals, Goodegg Investments founders Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson use their industry expertise to help create passive income opportunities for families in the smoothest way possible.

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