San Francisco, California – Goodegg Investments, an award-winning commercial real estate firm in San Francisco, California, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Encore Metro at Millenia – a 215-unit class A apartment community in Orlando, Florida, via its Goodegg Wealth Fund II and Goodegg Growth Fund I.

Goodegg Growth Fund I was the firm’s first Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) offering, allowing both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate for a much lower minimum investment than most of the firm’s other offerings. The acquisition of Encore Metro at Millenia – a 215-unit class A apartment community in Orlando, Florida, is open for all investors and provides individuals with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio in a popular tourist area.

“Every day your money sits in a savings account, it loses money. The problem is, traditional real estate investing is a LOT of work,” said a spokesperson for Goodegg Investments. “At Goodegg Investments we take the burden out of investing in real estate so you get all the benefits with none of the hassles of being a landlord – all while having the peace of mind that your money is in good hands and working hard for YOU.”

In addition to its recent acquisition, Goodegg Investments has also released an in-depth article on preferred equity to help provide first time investors and those with years of experience the reasons why they may want to consider investing in preferred equity real estate. An extract of the article has been provided below:

Preferred equity (aka, pref equity) can be an important part of the overall capital stack for a commercial real estate deal, especially when there’s a gap between the investor capital and the senior loan.

When a commercial real estate property requires tens of millions of dollars in upfront capital to close on the acquisition, there may need to be multiple sources of capital, including the senior loan, sometimes additional debt like a mezzanine loan, common equity from investors, and sometimes preferred equity.

Preferred equity, as its name implies, provides real estate investors with a preference or advantage over common equity. Preferred equity, like mezzanine debt, sits behind the senior loan but ahead of common equity. That means that, in a capital event, preferred equity investors would get paid out ahead of other investors.

Goodegg Investments invites investors of all levels who are searching for Open Investment Opportunities to visit the extensive Open Deals section of its website or to reach out with any questions via email or phone.

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Goodegg Investments is a renowned real estate firm in San Francisco, California, that is committed to helping clients scale and diversify their real estate portfolios by providing a variety of lucrative real estate syndications that offer all the benefits of investing in real estate without any of the hassles of being a landlord. From first-time investors to clients who have closed dozens of deals, Goodegg Investments founders Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson use their industry expertise to help create passive income opportunities for families in the smoothest way possible.

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