There are almost half-a-million personal injury cases filed every year in the United States. Since 1994, Tim Mazzela has been the personal injury attorney Fresno turns to when they become part of that unfortunate statistic. From vehicle crashes to catastrophic injuries, Tim Mazzela possesses an unmatched, proven track record of returning excellent results—winning cases for countless clients for more than two decades. 

Fresno personal injury attorney Tim Mazzela is backed by a highly-skilled, expert team of committed and focused legal minds—ready to help any client navigate their personal injury case. Tim Mazzela has the experience, reputation, and a proven history of case victories and client satisfaction—earning a remarkable reputation within the legal community—and amongst the insurance industry, their attorneys, and the large corporations those firms represent. 

An estimated 5.25 million car crashes happen every year—roads are becoming more crowded, and traffic is traveling at much faster speeds than ever before. Being involved in a crash can be overwhelming enough—without trying to figure out the legal system or fighting insurance companies without guidance. The law is complicated and navigating alone is not an option. Fresno personal injury attorney Tim Mazzela and his team will devote every resource to holding responsible parties accountable—fighting for every client’s legal rights—maximizing benefits from any accident. 

Although it doesn’t happen often, roughly 5% of personal injury cases will go to trial, which is when having a strong, knowledgeable, and highly skilled attorney on your side is more important than ever. Accidents happen and life takes unexpected turns, but don’t go it alone. Turn to Tim Mazzela, Car Accident Lawyer Fresno and Personal Injury Attorney serving clients across the Fresno area. With Tim Mazzela handling the case, clients can focus on their recovery without worrying about navigating the complex legal system.

Each client and each case are treated uniquely—because no two situations are the same. When someone is involved in a crash, they often feel shaken, scared, and many times, alone. The compassionate, hard-working, dedicated legal team at Tim Mazzela provides personal, individualized attention and aggressive representation. 

Every case is thoroughly investigated so clients receive honest case evaluations and a dedicated team to see them through every phase of the legal process. No client ever faces the legal system alone—with a trusted partner fighting for victory in every case. 


About Fresno Personal Injury Attorney Tim Mazzela

Since 1994 Fresno Personal Injury Attorney, Tim Mazzela has represented injured people and fought large insurance companies or corporations responsible for causing the harm. This highly skilled team provides dedicated, personalized services for handling a wide variety of personal injury cases, including but not limited to, vehicle accidents, falls, burns, and catastrophic injuries. Free consultations for personal injury cases are available online or by phone at 559.297.1118.


About Personal Injury Attorney Tim Mazzela

Accidents happen. People get injured. Life has unexpected turns. When you choose personal injury attorney, Tim Mazzela, you can focus on your recovery, worry-free. His proven history of getting excellent results is seen in his case victories and client’s satisfaction.

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