Everbuild continues to be the UK’s leading sealant brand and manufacturer in the UK.  The Everbuild sealant company has sales of over £60million in over 70 countries. According to the company, Everbuild’s manufacturing plant gives them the ability to compete on a global scale, producing top quality products and providing a technical back-up of an excellent standard.

Some of their products, sold by Solseal, include the Everbuild Silicone 825 LM Foil, the Everbuild Anti-Pick 109 C3, Everbuild Silicone 825 LM 350ml, Everbuild Everflex 335 construction silicone C3, Everbuild adhesive products, and many more. They are all priced from as low as £3.95 plus vat up to £53.75, and they can all be found online on their website homepage.

Solseal are proud to supply these products because Everbuild carry a legacy of speciality chemical innovation, alongside manufacturing a comprehensive range of quality products for the construction trades and associated sectors. Everbuild is known for its world-class innovation when it comes to their high-quality products. It is no wonder they have turned into one of the country’s leading sealant brands.

Interestingly, the Everbuild team invests heavily into developing new sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, as well as improving manufacturing infrastructure and setting industry standards for product testing and compliance. Because of this considerable commitment and effort, it has resulted in a vast customer base spanning over seventy countries and global sales over £110 million.

Everbuild manufacture over 80% of their range, including a variety of waterproofing systems, sealing, bonding and speciality mortars, in their factory, which allows them to work at large scale capacity across all core product areas and gives them an edge as a manufacturer with outstanding technical expertise.

Since they are the industry-leading sealant distributor, including Everbuild products, Solseal is the best place to find some of the bestselling Everbuild sealants on the market.

They have a wide range of inventory including versatile choices as mentioned above, and which are approved high modulus Everbuild Puraflex 40 Foil. This product adheres to most substrates and remains permanently elastic, as well as premium quality sealants such as the over paintable Everbuild Puraflex 25.

The Everbuild Anti-Pick 109 C3, is one of their bestselling solvent-free sealants which combines the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane technologies to provide a fingerpick resistant seal. Some places where Everbuild recommends using the sealant is insecure environments such as prisons, hospitals, municipal and public areas.

Solseal also mention another Everbuild sealant called the Everbuild Fire Sealant 300 which is called an ‘intumescent’ sealant used in a variety of fire-rated structures to give joints a firm yet flexible seal. It’s designed to swell when temperatures exceed 150°C to prevent the passage of fire and smoke and have a fire rating of up to 5 hours, an incredible product.

Another popular Everbuild product is the Everbuild Everflex 500 Silicone Bath & Sanitary. It is a premium quality silicone sealant containing a powerful anti-fungal compound which prevents mould and fungal growth. Generally, this product is used in both commercial and domestic areas of high humidity or condensation, such as bathrooms, toilets, and showers.

Get in touch with Everbuild today if you would like to know more about the UK’s leading sealant brand and manufacturer. They are located in the UK, and you can contact them by phone, on 08700 717 273, or you can go online to their website and read more about their manufacturing plant and their top quality products, their website is https://www.solseal.co.uk/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/everbuild-continue-to-be-the-uks-leading-sealant-brand-and-manufacturer-in-the-uk/

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