Eminent, a leading global manufacturer of premium luggage and travel accessories, is happy to announce the opening of its newbuild industrial park – the hub of innovative luggage manufacturing and Eminent’s global headquarter.

Advanced Facility to Increase Production Capacity and Quality  

Located in Tainan, the industrial park spans 96,000 square meters, featuring a multi-functional museum, an advanced factory, the largest Eminent lifestyle store, and a DIY space for aspiring luggage designers. 

Eminent’s over 100 million USD investment into the industrial park is a true investment in the future, innovation, and sustainability. Due to its new advanced production facilities, the new factory will be able to increase the output of 6 production lines, reaching an impressive capacity of over 100,000 suitcases per month. More than that, the new modern technologies will allow the manufacturer to strengthen the quality and sustainability of each new suitcase. 

A Tourist Attraction and a History to Explore 

Eminent’s industrial park is more than just an innovative factory with impressive production capacity. It’s also a tourist attraction that has a lot to offer both to locals and visitors. The brand’s museum exhibits Eminent’s iconic past collections, pieces produced by Eminent for other brands through OEM or ODM cooperation, as well as the freshest design trends in the suitcase industry.  

The museum visitors will get a unique opportunity to explore the technology behind Eminent’s popular launches, get familiar with production processes, and get expert advice on how to quality-check suitcases. 

The final destination of the industrial park tour is the Eminent outlet store that offers its visitors a wide selection of suitcases and travel accessories at discounted prices.

About Eminent 

Eminent was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1979. During its 40 years of research and innovation in the travel industry, Eminent has collaborated with many of the world’s top 10 brands to deliver the best premium suitcases to customers all over the world. 

More than that, the brand has started creating its own collections of suitcases and travel products, allowing customers to buy luggage of world-class quality and diverse designs directly from the manufacturer.  

Each year, Eminent delivers more than 1.6 million soft-shell and hard-shell suitcases to its global customer base and ensures that each product goes through 35 rigorous quality tests for guaranteed safety and durability.

Eminent’s suitcases and luggage are:

  • Made to Last – Eminent suitcases are produced using innovative technologies to make sure each piece can last for many trips and is easy to repair. 
  • Of Latest Designs – Eminent keeps up with the latest trends in the travel industry, from hand luggage, and business trolleys to laptop backpacks.
  • Customizable – Eminent offers over 200 different styles of luggage in a variety of colors and functional designs to fit individual styles and needs.

More information

To find out more about Eminent and to take a look at its large collections of high-quality, durable hard and soft side luggage, bags and backpacks, please visit the company’s website at https://www.eminent.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/eminent-luggage-announces-the-opening-of-its-new-factory/

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