Tainan, Taiwan – A sustainable luggage manufacturer, Eminent has started incorporating the innovative TPO material in its latest line of suitcases. The sustainable material provides increased toughness and durability over the conventional PP copolymers commonly used in luggage production. 

TPO – the Ideal Luggage Material for Durability and Comfort

TPO is a Polypropylene-based compound known for its chemical stability and resistance to high temperatures. These are properties that make TPO an ideal material for sustainable luggage production. Due to the increased durability and toughness of the material, new Eminent suitcases will withstand long-term use.

After use, TPO suitcases can be reutilized multiple times with less electric power wastage, which makes TPO an environmentally-friendly material.

Eminent’s new collection of durable and extra-lightweight TPO suitcases is a part of the company’s continuous eco-friendly production policy.

The manufacturer’s focus on sustainability extends beyond just the production of new environmentally-friendly TPO suitcases. In the near future, Eminent will also launch luggage collections from recyclable materials designed to be easily repairable even by their owners.

Eminent customers can now buy the new TPO suitcases displayed among the manufacturer’s wide range of large and small suitcases, as well as hard-side and soft-side luggage and business and leisure bags. 

About Eminent:  The Best Travel Companion

Eminent, a Taiwan-based premium luggage manufacturer,  prides itself on 40 years of high-quality workmanship, long-lasting materials, sustainability, and exceptionally styled designs. 

The company has a selection of luggage sizes to choose from, including small to extra-large, and each product comes in various colours and dimensions.

Each product is available in a variety of diverse designs,  prioritises first-class quality and can be delivered to many destinations throughout the world.

Small Suitcases

Eminent’s small suitcases come with either a soft or hard shell exterior. Hard shell suitcases are produced using a mix of sustainable and durable polycarbonate and TPO materials, while soft-side options use Polyester or Nylon.

Suitcases come in a variety of unique or standard colours, such as black, blue, red, orange, purple, pink, and navy. 

You can also select from 3 different sizing options for your small suitcase to fit the ‘carry on’ luggage criteria from the world’s leading airlines.

Additionally, each product has undergone vigorous quality testing to create premium luggage at a reasonable price.

Medium Suitcases

Travel in style with one of Eminent’s top-quality medium suitcases.

This sizing has a roomy interior and is made with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship while also being available in both hard- and soft-shell designs as well as a variety of eye-catching or more subtle colours.

Eminent’s Small, Medium, Large & Extra large suitcase options all feature a built-in TSA-approved lock, 4 Polyurethane wheels that are ideal for a silent, smooth roll, and a 3 -7 year warranty.

Please check out our previous press release about hard-shell suitcases.

More information

To find out more about Eminent Luggage Corporation and the company’s full selection of premium suitcases, hard-side and soft-side luggage, business and leisure bags, please visit the website at https://www.eminent.com/.

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