[London, UK] [May, 2022]— There has been a lot of talk within the SEO community about AI generated content and whether it violates Google’s content guidelines recently.

The guidelines were introduced to ensure content has strong A-E-T, which is basically Google’s way of providing the most relevant, effective and highest quality pages to searchers.

According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, regardless of what AI tools are being used, content written by AI could lead to a manual penalty because it is considered to be spam. However, Google’s systems aren’t always able to detect AI generated content – which is why there can be some practical uses for AI writing tools, and why many reputable organisations have been using them for many years for research automation and cross-referencing, without any issues. But, Mueller clarifies that if the webspam team were to see it, they would see it as spam. So, action will be taken.

So, in order to avoid getting delisted from search engine results and losing your organic visibility, Google advises avoiding this method for now. However, using Artificial Intelligence tools for automatically generated content is not new and has been used for fact-checking, identifying emerging trends and even writing full articles.

Speaking of this increased use of AI generated content within the digital marketing industry, James Speyer, Senior SEO Account Strategist at The Brains, says:

“Google does not, and never has, liked short cuts. They’ve gone to great efforts to cut down on people ‘gaming’ the system, from developing more advanced methods of passing link authority to introducing semantic language optimising to stop exact match keyword spamming. AI written content is simply another way of gaming the system – a quick and easy way to generate pages that allow websites to churn out masses of low-level content without needing credible research or editorial standards to produce. Lots of rankings, no effort. So, while Google has no legal power to stop webmasters using this content, it can clearly deem it as unacceptable under its guidelines, removing websites from its index if caught. It’s not a perfect method, nor will it deter everyone from the practice, but for businesses built on search revenue, it makes the prospect of using AI to produce content much less appealing, and far more risky.”

James Speyer, Senior SEO Account Strategist, The Brains

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