Chromatrap® Offers their ChIP-seq range including a signature ChIP-seq kit. The ChIP-seq range is so unique and vital because theChIP-seq kit is the best on the market right now for sensitive ChIP assays as it offers the correct protein orientation for capture.

Chromatrap® have developed a bead-free technology to enable maximum capture of antibodies. It is well known that each antibody in our body fights against infections and supports our immune system. Therefore, compared to other bead-based systems which leaves the proteins scattered and unorganized, Chromatrap® have a bead-free ChIP seq kit that uses inert filter-based ChIP technology, and it orientates to capture the proteins allowing full access of antibodies to binding pockets of proteins.

The ChIP seq protocol that the bead system follows is the best approach to take as it improves the chances significantly of capturing and ensures high sensitivity whichis extremely important to detect any low abundant targets binding.

Chromatrap® analyses chromatin immunoprecipitation, the long term for ChIP. It is a technique used to study the association of proteins or their modified isoforms with defined genomic regions. This technique has rapidly grown in recent years and is also known for mapping the DNA-protein interactions in cells. This is highly important for correct gene regulation. One example that Chromatrap® mentions is, they may be used to determine proteins – transcription factors and modified histones bind together to a DNA region of living cells or tissues.

According to Chromatrap®, there are many advantages associated with the ChIP seq kit.  For instance, it helps reduce the amount of time working long, difficult hours handling everything manually, which can be very tedious. At the same time, it has the highest signal-to-noise ratio compared to other kits, such as conventional ones.

The ChIP seq kit is the only alternative kit on the market that allows researchers to perform ChIP bead-free. There is no other system like ChIP. So, rather than beads being suspended and driving the immunoprecipitation, Chromatrap® use a permanent polymer filter to carry the method along. Therefore, the Chromatrap® ChIP seq kit is the perfect choice for scientists new to ChIP, or maybe there many others struggling. Either way, the ChIP seq kit is suitable for everyone.

If you would like to purchase a bead-free ChIP seq kit then you can contact the team at Chromatrap® on +44 (0)1978 661144 if you have any questions or queries about the ChIP seq. Chromatrap® will be happy to advise you further, so please do not hesitate to contact the team directly.


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Chromatrap® is here to shake up the world of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) by offering researchers a new way of performing ChIP, effortlessly. Our goal is to enable the advancement of epigenetic research through our revolutionary bead-free system (that’s right, no beads).

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