Chromatrap will supply you with affordable DNA extraction using a range of DNA kits. The DNA kits are easy-to-use for routine molecular biology applications. Chromatrap has excellent buffer chemistry and unique spin column design. The Chromatrap DNA extraction kits are all free from salts, contaminants and inhibitors. Therefore you will receive the highest quality and recovery of DNA perfect for downstream applications.

As mentioned, Chromatrap has a range of DNA kits that they can supply you with, however, if you are unsure which product is the right choice for your research you can always go online and find out more about Chromatrap®’s DNA kits. On the DNA purification page, you will see the range of DNA kits on offer.

For instance, for the DNA extraction kit, Chromatrap® explain that it delivers a protocol to isolate superior quality DNA from a wide range of samples sources, including difficult cell and tissue types. So, because Chromatrap® has a high-volume binding capacity, DNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted from our unique spin column and 96 well plate designs. If you are considering this product for your research, you will be happy to know it is quick and easy to use. The Chromatrap DNA Extraction kit also ensures high quality and recovery of DNA during the first steps of fundamental molecular biology techniques.

Within the protocol of the Chromatrap® DNA extraction, it states that you can effectively extract DNA from a wide range of sample sources as mentioned above, and the pure DNA obtained with the Chromatrap® technology is suitable for a variety of downstream applications such as PCR, MeDIP, Southern blotting, cloning and sequencing.

The protocol offers a range of benefits which include; DNA extraction from whole blood and serum, a unique buffer chemistry which allows efficient cell lysis, no phenol or chloroform, a simple removal with easy centrifugation steps and minimal handling time, a quick protocol – DNA is extracted in 30 minutes and also excellent high quality and pure DNA obtained.

The DNA extraction protocol overview includes five steps which are in the below:

  • Sample preparation
  • Cell lysis
  • DNA capture
  • Wash
  • Elute

The Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kit and its contents can be stored for up to 12 months after the date of receipt without showing any reduction in performance and quality. Chromatrap® would like to emphasize that their products are intended for research purposes only.

For step one of the DNA extraction, it involves cell preparation for both adherent and suspended cells, and this is broken down into part a and b. Then for step two, Chromatrap® want to remind you that some precipitates form in the DNA Extraction Lysis Buffer so mix well before each use by ‘vortexing’ it.

For step three, you add 200 µl ethanol to each sample and mix well by ‘vortexing’ again. Centrifuge the samples to remove any liquid from the caps, load each sample onto a corresponding Chromatrap® DNA Extraction column.

Next, step four, you add the wash buffer to each column for about a minute and then add a 200 µl DNA Extraction Elution Buffer to finish.

So, for DNA isolation, you have a range of kits from the DNA extraction kit to the DNA purification kit, and they are both easy to use. If you are interested in purchasing a DNA purification or extraction kit for your research, you can contact them today on +44 (0)1978 661144. If you have any queries about the kits, you can visit or email [email protected] for more information.


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