California law firm specializes in representing people injured in accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death.

Nehora Law firm consists of a team of California accident attorneys who have handled many cases involving many types of personal injury.

With years of experience in the most challenging personal injury cases, in particular, those related to brain injuries and wrongful death.

The California lawyers specialize in representing families who face the most horrific injuries such as:

  • Brain injuries
  • Injuries that lead to paralysis or wrongful death

Brain injuries are among the most tragic as an immediate cognitive disability may result from such a devastating trauma. On the other hand, some injuries may not appear with any symptoms for months or sadly even years.

Also, there are some injuries which lead to regular side effects such as intense migraines, temporary loss of vision, trouble speaking, memory loss, and other cognitive disabilities. That is why Nehora Law are prepared to help you if you or a loved one have suffered from an injury, especially a traumatic brain injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence and carelessness.

When you speak with one of the attorneys at Nehora Law, you will see that your case will always be a priority. There is no issue of income or citizenship status, and the law firm believes that all circumstances, particularly those of brain injuries and wrongful death, deserve the utmost attention from the California attorneys.

Fortunately, Nehora Law Firm, works on a contingent fee basis, so if they don’t win your case, you will owe them nothing.

If you or a loved one has permanent brain damage, then this will mean 24-hour medical care for the rest of a person’s life. As well as multiple surgeries, intensive therapy, equipment to assist with breathing: these are only some of the many medical costs that may be incurred after a brain injury.

On the other hand, with a wrongful death case, the California attorneys will first assess your situation. This involves the review of medical records by their in-house doctor. After their assessment is complete, they will develop a strategy to pursue your case against the responsible parties best.

Nehora Law Firm will guarantee that you will receive fair compensation and the amount of your claim. By examining relevant medical records, insurance policies, contractual agreements, and other documents.

The California attorneys will make sure to hold all responsible parties accountable, and they are able for any complicated case.

The legal team at Nehora Law is made up of truly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys, leading medical professionals, and experts who can determine what financial support is needed for the highest-quality medical care available.

They also have an in-house physician who is available to discuss your case and answer your questions. Also, Nehora Law firm has access to neurologists and medical experts throughout the nation who can provide vital insight into your situation.

Nehora is highly regarded for its dedication as a law firm and its high success rate with cases. Nehora Law Firm represents injured people of all ages and from all walks of life throughout California.

Contact the California accident attorneys today on 949-629-4349 if you or a loved have been injured in an accident resulting in a brain injury or wrongful death. Nehora Law will discuss with you if you have a possible case to pursue.

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