Boyd The Broker addresses the NAR lawsuit by launching his new business model in real estate agency

Manhattan Beach, California – As a sign of strength during a time of uncertainty, a Manhattan Beach, CA broker with over $200 million in sales has chosen this unusual time to stand out amongst other Real Estate professionals and companies that are in turmoil.

The state of confusion is in regards to a lawsuit whose purpose is to make buyers pay their own real estate agent’s commissions. This has left agents and their clients unsure how this new real estate process will work.

Boyd’s business model of representing both buyer and seller in almost all of his transactions has always been a big hit with his clients. But others in the industry were always confused with its’ message. Until now.

Boyd The Broker’s simple approach to the real estate process seems to be built for this new real estate world created by this lawsuit. And he seems ready to take it on. By launching Boyd The Broker | Real Estate, a full service real estate company.

The new interactive website is . Boyd is available to provide commentary on the lawsuit and its impact on the local housing market. Please call or text him at 310-521-2902 for more information.


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Buying or selling a home in today’s ultra-competitive market is no easy task. With over 200 million in sales, I have personally experienced the market’s ups and downs. I have tracked this market and have significant data that will help…

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