South Bay Real Estate Pro, Boyd The Broker, Announces donating 10% of his every commission to The American Stroke Association after suffering a debilitating Stroke.

Manhattan Beach, California – Boyd E. Jeffery, renowned within the real estate industry as Boyd the Broker, is proud to announce that he is now donating 10% commission of every house he sells to The American Stroke Association after recently suffering a significant stroke.

Once a top-tier real estate magnate in South Bay, selling over $200 million in homes (equivalent to nearly half a billion in today’s figures), Boyd retired young and moved to Maui before health complications forced a move back to the United States. Within 6 months of his debilitating stroke, which led to a 37-day hospitalization during the height of the pandemic, Boyd was determined to return to work and, despite still recuperating, achieved 3 noteworthy real estate transactions.

After his experience, Boyd is now dedicated to using his reputation and expertise in the real estate industry to help raise money for those recovering from a stroke and hopes it will assist and encourage them to return to their careers.

Boyd said, “After such an event, we grapple with self-doubt, fear of judgment, and dwindling confidence. My journey, laden with its highs and lows, is a testament that it’s possible to find our way back. Hire me to sell your house, and I will donate 10% of my commission to benefit  patients who are struggling to return to work.

Aware that over 795,000 people suffer annually from strokes in the United States, according to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), Boyd has also begun sharing his story online in a series of videos on his website and on YouTube. These insights are designed to provide an honest, in-depth portrayal of the realities of a stroke, raise awareness of stroke prevention and recovery, as well as empower individuals who have suffered from a stroke to regain control of their lives again.

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