Austin, Texas – Beardoholic, a prime resource of quality products and information about beard grooming and hairstyles, is happy to announce the reopening of its online Beardoholic shop that features a wide range of high-quality beard care products.

Before Beardoholic’s online shop reopened, customers could only buy the brands products via Amazon, but with the intention to make the entire process easier for its customers, Beardoholic’s selection of beard grooming tools and accessories, such as beard oil (with scents like pine, light cedar and unscented), beard balm (orange or unscented), beard scissors, beard comb and beard shaping tools, are now available directly from its website.

“We are wholeheartedly committed to providing you with top-notch solutions and a collection of beard care products and tools that’ll make it look incredible at all times,” said a spokesperson for Beardoholic. “We use our expertise and attention to detail in all the products we sell, and even after thousands of customers and 5-star reviews, we still high-five each other after each happy customer.”

To help customers grow and care for their beards, Beardoholic’s online store offers a diverse variety of 5-star rated products, including:

Beardoholic beard brush: Beard care is of utmost importance to any man wanting to achieve a smooth, healthy beard. A beard brush is an essential tool in maintaining beard health by ensuring a well-groomed appearance free of snags, tangles, and debris. Beardoholic’s beard brush is made out of 100% boar hair bristles, is compact and lightweight with a wooden bamboo handle, and is suitable for all beard types and sizes.

Beardoholic beard comb: A beard comb is not just a simple accessory; it’s a game-changer when it comes to achieving the perfect look. Beardoholic’s beard comb is ideal for all hair and beard types and sizes, is durable and made to last, has fine teeth to ensure anti-static detangling, and, with its wood design, offers great grip and easy control.

Beardoholic balm: Created using a premium quality formula, Beardoholic’s beard balm offers beard growth, styling opportunities, and hair health benefits all in one product. The pure, organic ingredients condition skin and beard, promoting healthy beard growth and helping with dry skin under a beard. The product additionally helps keep hair neat, smooth, and tangle-free while also offering impressing hold and shaping power so everyone can style their beards like a professional.

Beardoholic beard shaper: Growing facial hair is easy, but properly grooming it is a different story. From an uneven jawline to sideburns that are simply too short, small mistakes can ruin the overall appearance of a beard or mustache. Individuals can transform their bathroom into a personal barbershop with the Professional Beard Shaping Tool by Beardoholic, which allows them to create a clean, easy-to-follow guide along their facial hair, allowing them to effortlessly shave and maintain their beard, neckline, and sideburns.

Beardoholic encourages those interested in its extensive selection of highly rated grooming products to visit its newly launched shop via its website today.

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