Austin, Texas – Beardoholic, a beard care company that develops its range of products with the help of industry experts to increase the quality of beard care products available on the market, is proud to announce its recent expansion to offices in the US and Europe.

With 10,000s of happy customers all over the world and its website quickly becoming a growing resource where millions of people can visit to get their new hairstyle ideas, Beardoholic’s expansion is to meet the increasing demand for informative articles covering various topics, including grooming tips, styling techniques, current haircut trends, product reviews and high-quality grooming products.

“Beardoholic is a one-stop destination for everything related to beards and hairstyles,” said a spokesperson for Beardoholic. “Our artists provide personalized grooming services that cater to each individual’s unique preferences and facial features. Whether you’re looking for a suave corporate look or a rugged and wild appearance, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We are looking forward to the next decade in helping people grow their beards and style their hair.”

Focusing on providing the best information about how to care for an individual’s beard and hair, Beardoholic’s diverse team comprises skilled barbers and hairstylists, each with their distinct expertise in crafting the perfect look. From classic and timeless styles to cutting-edge and innovative trends, the beard website’s artists are at the forefront of the grooming industry. They understand that a well-groomed beard and a stylish haircut can be transformative, boosting one’s self-esteem and leaving a lasting impression.

Beardoholic uses this same expertise and attention to detail in its extensive range of products, from beard oil, balm, combs, wax, brushes, and specialist scissors to offer individuals with top-notch solutions and a collection of beard care products and tools that will make it look incredible at all times.

Additionally, to help individuals pick the best product to suit their individual needs, the online beard experts’ range of articles includes in-depth comparisons and explanations of the benefits and use of their specific products. An example of one of these articles has been included below:

Best Beard Oils – How to Choose the Best Beard Oil in 2023

Individuals won’t believe the transformation their beard can have with these top-notch beard oils, handpicked by Beardoholic’s expert barbers themselves! These beard care connoisseurs have spent years mastering their craft and know exactly what a beard needs to look its best. They’ve chosen the best beard oils that are a game-changer in beard maintenance.

The best beard oils, according to these expert barbers, provide deep hydration, reduce itchiness, and promote healthy beard growth. They’re packed with essential oils and nutrients that not only nourish a beard but also leave it smelling fantastic. Plus, quality beard oil can make beard grooming a breeze, taming the unruliest of hairs.

Investing in the right beard products, especially beard oil, can make all the difference in a beard care routine. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good, too. A beard is a part of someone’s identity, and it deserves the very best. So, don’t hold back; give a beard the royal treatment it deserves with Beardoholic’s barbers’ choice of beard oils.

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Established in 2012 with a website soon following in 2015, Beardoholic is a community of passionate barbers, hairstylists, and writers dedicated to celebrating the art of grooming, beards, and hairstyles. With the mission to provide modern men and women with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to embrace their unique styles and unleash their confidence, Beardoholic is a prime resource of quality products and information for beard grooming and hairstyles.

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