London, United Kingdom – Arbor Law, a reputable law firm specialising in providing expert legal counsel and transactional support to clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors, is proud to announce that it now offers specialised legal expertise in energy law and renewable energy projects.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the energy sector driving the creation of new developments to tackle the climate change crisis, Arbor Law understands the importance of providing companies with trusted legal advice to help them navigate regulatory complexities and capitalise on opportunities in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

“As lawyers at the forefront of energy and technology, we have deep-rooted experience of the digitalisation of the energy sector. Having been involved in the smart metering network roll-out, you can rely on us to guide you through energy law and regulations and oversee the infrastructure of your project from a legal perspective,” said a spokesperson for Arbor Law.

From advising on commercial contracts to specialising in energy regulation, Arbor Law is available to support companies with navigating ongoing energy reforms and programmes at both domestic and European levels.

The law firm’s expert team of infrastructure and energy lawyers have deep-rooted experience in the digitalisation of the energy sector and utilise this knowledge to reliably guide companies through energy law and regulations, as well as oversee the infrastructure of a project from a legal perspective.

Arbor Law provides a complete range of legal services uniquely tailored to the challenges and opportunities commonly associated with conducting business in the energy sector. These include:

Energy Policy and Regulation: Whether advising on energy reform, code, governance or dispute, Arbor Law provides access to experts who can guide companies through the regulations in line with current domestic and European programmes and initiatives in the renewable generation, wholesale, supply and retail markets.

Energy Agreements: The professional team at Arbor Law can take the responsibility for drafting, negotiating, and delivering energy agreements, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), fuel supply agreements, Contracts-for-Differences (CfDs), Grid Trade Master Agreements (GTMAs), Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) and International Swaps and Derivatives Associate Master Agreements (ISDAs).

Lega Operations: Arbor Law keeps the efficiency of a company’s team and project in check by supporting them with efficient legal operations that provide access to the tools needed to optimise a reporting matrix and strategic planning, helping a team and project run smoothly.

Data Protection: As a company’s technology evolves, it must be aware of the policies and procedures in place to protect its data and innovation. Arbor Law is committed to helping protect sensitive information and ensure data isn’t compromised.

Arbor Law invites companies to get in touch via phone or the contact form on its website to find out more about how its specialist team of energy lawyers can offer targeted support with delivering energy agreements and digitising infrastructure projects.

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Arbor Law is a reputable law firm specialising in providing expert legal counsel and transactional support to clients operating in the energy and infrastructure sectors. With a focus on energy law and renewable energy projects, Arbor Law assists clients in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and achieving their business goals.

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