London, England ­– Arbor Law, a team of ambitious lawyers committed to delivering clients outstanding legal support, is pleased to announce that it has now added day-to-day management of the financial crime program to its outsourced compliance solutions for regulated firms to ensure a comprehensive legal compliance service.

The new day-to-day management of the financial crime program service offered by Arbor Law is designed to help businesses remain fully compliant and adhere to the industry’s strict set of regulations. Within the service, the highly acclaimed law firm will maintain a firm’s manuals, policies, and procedures in relation to money laundering, as well as develop a financial crime program that enables money laundering risk assessments, raise suspicious transaction reports, perform customer due diligence and periodic refreshes, conduct Investor KYC (know your customer) and screening, and undertake client categorisation.

“At Arbor Law, compliance isn’t just about meeting your regulatory rules,” said a spokesperson for Arbor Law. “We go above and beyond to make sure your compliance regulations add value to your business. Our legal compliance solutions are designed to safeguard you and your clients, protect your reputation, and facilitate your firm’s strategic execution.”

Aware of the challenges of navigating intricate compliance regulations and adhering to legal requirements that face small or newly authorised firms, Arbor Law’s outsourced compliance solutions have earned the London law firm a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking expert guidance on legal compliance matters.

This is due to the dedication showcased by Arbor Law’s experienced team of outsourced lawyers, who are strategically positioned to deliver specialist advice on legal compliance for regulated corporate finance, advisory, and investment firms. Additionally, an Arbour Law team member will act as an outsourced compliance officer for businesses, deliver day-to-day legal compliance support, and serve as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) liaison.

From compliance training, risk management, and day-to-day management of the compliance programme to regulatory relations and reporting, Arbor Law’s comprehensive compliance solutions are customised to fit a business’s exact needs perfectly and offer its team the relevant specialist support.

With a business model that has been curated to prioritise ongoing outsourced legal compliance solutions and an expert team of senior financial regulatory and compliance specialists, Arbor Law has positioned itself as one of the top UK law firms for providing expert guidance on legal compliance matters for regulated firms.

Businesses seeking to start outsourcing their legal compliance work can contact Arbor Law’s specialist financial regulatory team via phone or by filling out the contact form on the law firm’s website today to learn more about its expert legal compliance solutions.

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Arbor Law is a reputable law firm specialising in providing comprehensive legal compliance solutions to businesses across various industries. With a focus on outsourced compliance services, Arbor Law assists clients in navigating complex compliance regulations and ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

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