Raccoons in Treasure Coast are an all too familiar problem. Yet when you have a raccoon tearing up your attic or causing havoc in your yard, what should you do?

The trouble is raccoons are intelligent animals. They cause damage, they leave potentially dangerous droppings, and they can be nasty if confronted. Trying to remove or control them yourself, without knowledge or experience in pest control, is a risk not worth taking.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast are the local experts when it comes to raccoon removal. Owned by Alex Lauffenburger, well known in the industry for his passion for wildlife and expertise in removal techniques, he and his team understand the importance of having a safe and secure home, and just how much damage and danger raccoons can provoke.

Below, Alex outlines his dos and don’ts of raccoon removal and control:

Do contact a wildlife pest control service as soon as the critter has been discovered

As soon as you’re aware of a raccoon problem in your home, contact a raccoon control wildlife pest control service such as AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast. Raccoons can cause huge damage to your home, gnawing through plumbing, staining your attic with excrement, and tearing up insulation. The longer you leave it, the worse the damage can become.

Don’t use a wildlife pest control service that uses ‘extermination’ tactics like poison

Not only is it inhumane but bringing in poisonous substances to your home is a danger. Raccoons don’t tend to lay dormant and can quite easily move around your home and track the poison with them. This is a huge risk for you, your family, and your pets, and it makes the raccoons desperate for water, resulting in even more damage to your plumbing.

Do ask a licensed operator to ‘trap’ them

Humane traps are available in the form of one way and two-way trap doors. The idea that you set bait in the trap (something the raccoons can’t resist such as pet food or marshmallows) and once they go for the bait, the door closes behind them. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast are a licensed and certified by the state of Florida.

Don’t try to trap them yourself – this could be dangerous

Raccoons can be quite dangerous if approached. Not only does it take specialist raccoon pest control knowledge and equipment to trap and remove them, but it takes somebody with the skill and confidence to get the job done without hurting the animal. If things go wrong, raccoons can be quite nasty, and you may be left with wounds.

Do identify and seal off entry points

Once the raccoons have been trapped and removed, to have the best possible chances of them not returning, you’ll need to seal off all entry points. These include any small openings and cracks (raccoons are small and nimble and can fit through surprisingly small spaces!).

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast are certified to make damage repairs and secure entry points. They can even help with attic restoration, which is a great add-on service should your attic be in a state of disrepair.

Don’t clean up raccoon excrement without protective wear

Not only can racon droppings cause unsightly damage to your attic, but they could be infected with roundworms that pose a health threat to anybody that comes into contact with them. Roundworm is a lethal disease, particularly dangerous to children who may ingest them while playing in a backyard of play area. It’s advised you leave the clean up to the experts, who will remove waste, perform odor control, and replace insulation if required.

Do call a wildlife pest control service if you have a dead raccoon in your home

Treasure Coast is particularly bad for dead animals due to the area’s wet climate. It makes it tricky to remove them and knowing how to handle a dead raccoon and how to properly dispose of it requires expert knowledge.

Don’t take the DIY rote – always trust a Treasure Coast wildlife pest control expert

If you’re dealing with a raccoon problem and you’re worried about the safety of your home, you, and your loved ones, it’s never a good idea to take on the task yourself. It truly does require expert tactics and knowledge of the mammal to ensure that you successfully remove them, you seal up your home so they cannot return, and that you clean up the mess in a safe, efficient manner.

Call the guys at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast today on 772-324-3412 and ask them about their raccoon removal and control services.

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