When residents of Treasure Coast need a wildlife removal expert, there’s only one man they call, and that’s Alex Lauffenburger.

Alex is the owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast. Well-known in the surrounding areas, Alex and his team have built up a strong reputation for humanely removing or controlling wildlife that has turned a safe home or business into a bit of a frightening mess.

When nuisance animals decide to make your attic their nest, your garage their breeding zone, or your garden their social space, it can cause all sorts of problems. From damage to wires, pipes, and structural components to posing a risk to your health and wellbeing, undesirable animals do not need to be tolerated.

Here’s how Alex of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast has become the go-to wildlife removal expert in the region.

Alex’s passion, from a young age, ignited a career in wildlife

Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, the Allegheny National Forest was Alex’s backyard, and it’s here where he spent his childhood exploring and discovering nature.

A love of catching bugs, frogs and crayfish naturally resulted in an interest in Biology, and this was Alex’ chosen area of study throughout college.

Like most journeys, Alex’s wasn’t a straight path. After a few jobs to make money, he wanted to follow his real passion for wildlife. Scouring the country for available positions he found the wildlife removal industry. Working as an employee for another company, Alex quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his experience and enthusiasm for the role, took on managerial roles and expanded companies. Eventually Alex decided it was time to run his own operation.

Many years later, Alex has cemented his position as one of the leading wildlife removal experts in all of Treasure Coast.

Why is Alex the go-to wildlife removal expert in Treasure Coast?

There are a few reasons why Alex is regarded as the best of the best:

  • Vast knowledge of wildlife, including environments they thrive in, breeding cycles, preferrable food sources and more
  • An eye for detail, expertly identifying entry points that allow animals to infiltrate homes and businesses and areas to seal off
  • Specialist removal and control skills, covering everything from racoon removal to rat control
  • Added value services, helping you to repair damage wildlife has caused
  • A dedication to customers, through a friendly, professional, and quality service

Ultimately, Alex and his expert team have a passion for wildlife. They know their industry inside-out and take no half measures when it comes to protecting you, your home or business, and the animal in question. This is what makes AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast a popular choice.

What wildlife does Alex specialize in removing and controlling?

If you’re home or business has been invaded by a pesky critter, Alex from AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast is the man to call. Alex and the team cover the likes of:

… amongst many others.

A thorough inspection of your home or business helps the team identify the route of the problem, such as why they’ve chose this environment, how they got in, and how to prevent them from returning. Through humane trapping and control they can solve your nuisance animal issue, and even help clean and decontaminate soiled areas, and repair damage caused by critters and wildlife.

More information:

Nuisance wildlife can turn a safe and sound house into a frightening mess! Whether you require removal of bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, or squirrels (etc.), control your wild animal issue by calling AAAC Wildlife Removal today to remove your critter and help repair the damage they left in their wake. Learn more via the website: https://treasure-coast.aaacwildliferemoval.com/

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I am Alex Lauffenburger, owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast. I’ve had a passion for wildlife since I was able to walk and talk.

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