AAAC Wildlife Removal know what they’re doing when it comes to keeping homes and businesses safe and free of wildlife. They provide wildlife removal services to residential and commercial clients in Houston and surrounding areas (such as The Woodlands), as well as exclusion services to keep wildlife out of homes and workplaces. They specialise in racoon, squirrel, and bat removal – though they can also help get rid of many other troublesome species such as armadillos, beavers, insects, rats, opossums, gophers, moles, snakes, and skunks.

If you’re looking for Houston wildlife removal or The Woodlands wildlife removal, you’ve found the perfect business. Owners Brian and Josie Moss plus their team of highly trained and certified experts are on hand to help you with your wildlife woes, using their decades of experience and knowledge to restore order and safety to your home. Being a family-owned business, they know how important it is for families to be protected from diseases and unsanitary conditions caused by wildlife invading living spaces, and they’re determined to provide their clients with first-rate removal and exclusion services to combat this risk.

Sneaky squirrels and other wildlife invaders

Certain animals like raccoons, rats, bats, and squirrels are constantly on the lookout for a nice, dry place to raise their families. They can tear apart your roof covering, cause extensive damage to your soffits and eaves, and pollute the entire area with hazardous, unsanitary droppings, putting your safety and security at risk. However, you don’t need to tolerate sharing your office, home or yard with a wild animal that may damage your property or spread illness to you, your colleagues, or your family. AAAC Wildlife Removal can remove these animals from your property in safe, humane ways and return them to nature where they belong.

One of AAAC Wildlife Removal’s specialties is Houston squirrel removal (and The Woodlands squirrel removal), so if a pesky squirrel has snuck its way into your home or attic, or is being a nuisance in your workplace, they can help. A squirrel family moving into your home can be disastrous for your insulation and electrical wiring – you will want to act fast if you know you have these unwanted guests, because frayed wires start fires! Luckily, the AAAC Wildlife Removal experts are always on hand to eliminate your squirrel problem, clean up the mess, and repair the damage.

A permanent solution to your wildlife issues

AAAC Wildlife Removal go far beyond humanely trapping and removing your problem animals; they also offer aftercare services to restore your home and ensure the critters never return. Wild animals often damage both the exterior and interior of a home, usually by widening entry holes or by contaminating the area with droppings. AAAC Wildlife Removal’s team are insured home-repair specialists who can fix any damage the creatures have caused and remove any waste they leave behind. It’s vital that you let the experts handle clean-up as it can be dangerous work – especially if you have bat guano in your attic, which can potentially transmit histoplasmosis. The expert team can also deal with any attic restoration and re-insulation needs, properly sealing structures to prevent re-entry and help keep your home or office wildlife-free for good.

More information

AAAC Wildlife Removal are a team of animal control experts and humane certified professionals who put the safety of you, your colleagues and your family first by getting rid of any unwanted animal visitors. They are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, as well as being members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and Bat Conservation International. For more information, please go to their website at For inquiries, you can use the contact form on their website, call 970-394-3870, or email the team at [email protected]


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