Founded in Ireland in 2015, Zendfast is a courier company that offers a range of services and delivery solutions both in Ireland and abroad. They have developed their own innovative technology to help recognise and meet their customers’ needs, and their mission is to use this bespoke technology and deep understanding of client needs to make delivery journeys a valued asset in the corporate world.

Zendfast have pulled together a top team of highly motivated and skilled professionals to ensure that they provide consistently excellent levels of customer service to their clients. They realise that their customers are the beating heart of their company and strive to give each individual the best delivery experience possible. With over 100 drivers, 100 subcontractors and operations spanning from Ireland to Mexico, Nigeria and Singapore, Zendfast is well on their way to achieving their ultimate goal of becoming a successful global company known for high-quality delivery solutions and exceptional customer care.

Zendfast’s cutting-edge delivery solutions

When it comes to customising and perfecting a last-mile delivery solution, Zendfast knows that meeting customer requirements needs to be at the very forefront of their efforts. With this in mind, they have worked tirelessly to provide quality delivery solutions that satisfy every client need and give their customers a valuable advantage over their competitors.

Zendfast Courier Now is a fast-track delivery service that customers can use when they need to collect or deliver a package immediately. This service is available 24/7 and offers speed, reliability and security to clients via recipient alerts and proof of delivery. Zendfast Same Day Delivery is a reliable and efficient service that offers custom same day delivery solutions to a variety of businesses. Zendfast Connect is a bespoke delivery solution that saves clients valuable money and time through the use of bulk deliveries and dispatch automation. Finally, the Zendfast Delivery Software service is ideal for businesses who want to streamline their own deliveries by utilising innovative software.

How COVID-19 has affected the world of retail and eCommerce

Zendfast was founded in part due to the massive growth projections of eCommerce and increasing global demand for delivery services. This rise in eCommerce comes at a price, of course; brick and mortar retail outlets are suffering as they are outpaced by the likes of huge eCommerce companies. Traditional retail outlets struggle to keep up with the pricing and convenience of online stores.

This difference in the success of online retailers and high street retailers is only becoming more apparent due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19. As the physical world ground to a halt, with offices closing and non-essential retail stores shutting their doors, the world of eCommerce just got busier. People confined to their homes with time on their hands looked to the internet and delivery services to provide them with a huge range of resources from gardening and DIY supplies to books, food and clothes.

Last-mile delivery is sure to look different after the pandemic, and cashless online trading with deliveries to customers’ doors is now the preferred shopping method. Zendfast’s CEO Declan Murray predicts: “The smiling faces at your local store or outlet will be replaced by clever online marketing, customer service and after-sale teams. The team for businesses online logistics suppliers is going be flexible, digital brand concise, tech savvy, green and clean.”

More information

Zendfast are rapidly revolutionising the delivery process, ensuring they reduce their customers’ admin costs and put customer needs at the forefront of everything they do. So, if you want better delivery solutions, superior customer service and ultimate dependability, choose Zendfast. You can find out more on their website at For any enquiries, please email [email protected] or give them a call on +35315543939.


About Zendfast

Zendfast is a courier company based in Ireland. It was founded in 2015 and offers a range of courier services in Ireland. We have developed our own technology to help manage our customers deliveries, have a great team behind us…

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