Yngva Cosmetics Inc Launch their New Beauty Website specializing in microblading pigment, inks, and pens. The new beauty company offers a range of high-quality beauty products to the microblading industry. As well as microblading pigments and inks, they specialize in products such as microblading needles, microblading pens, and accessories.

At Yngva Cosmetics Inc, they provide microblading products for home and professional use, and most of their products are sourced from leading manufacturers across the Asian continent.

The main goal of Yngva Cosmetics Inc is to provide excellent customer experience to companies and organizations, both large and small, as well as individual buyers looking for a one-off purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing microblading inks, or microblading pencils, you find them all on their website. Yngva Cosmetics Inc aims to provide you with a great product at a high price at the end of it if you decide to place an order.

Some of their featured products you see on the homepage of their website range from lightweight microblading pens such as the acrylic diamond microblading pen, the classic aluminum microblading pen, the long slim microblading liner pen, and just the thin microblading pen.

The acrylic diamond microblading pen is priced at $8.29 and has a range of features such as:

  • Ergonomically profiled for safety and comfort
  • Slim, lightweight
  • Aluminum/steel construction with zircon
  • It comes in a variety of colors: White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red
  • Needles not included
  • Please see our range of microblading needles

For microblading pigments and inks on the Yngva Cosmetics Inc website, there is also a tremendous selection of products to choose from, including microblading pigment scoop, microblading pigment cup holder, microblading disposable pigment ink ring cup, microblading ink pigment mixing sticks, and even electric tattoo ink pigment mixer.

The microblading ink pigment mixing sticks can be purchased in a bag of 50, so great value for money. For the microblading pigment – SPMU permanent makeup product, this comes in a 5ml bottle. So very easy to travel with, and at a price tag $18.99, it is well worth the purchase.

Also, Yngva Cosmetics Inc supply microblading need products such as flexible microblading needles range in length from 1.18mm to 0.25mm. The starting price is $5.99 up to $16.99, and there is a range of features associated with this microblading product such as:

  • 18mm (Diameter) Flexible Disposable Microblading Needle
  • Blue rubber cover
  • Curve flat and U style
  • Eight sizes available:
  • 9CF, 11CF, 12CF, 14CF, 16CF, 18CF, 14U, 18U
  • Sterilized/Sealed packaging
  • Disposable/One-time use only

Yngva Cosmetics Inc also offers a variety of microblading accessories, these include disposable microblading micro brushes, microblading eyebrow divider, microblading disposable fine tip marker pen, and ruler, and a microblading eyebrow PMU practice skin band which has a realistic feeling of tattooing on real skin and it can be used several times.

One great benefit of choosing to purchase microblading products with Yngva Cosmetics Inc is that they offer free delivery on all orders, no matter how many products you decide to buy.

Contact https://www.yngva-cosmetics.com/ today on 612-605-0686 or email [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing microblading products such as microblading pigment, inks, and pens. Or you can go online to their website and search through the products that Yngva Cosmetics Inc specialize in as well as fill out their contact form for any queries you may have.

SOURCE: https://thenewsfront.com/yngva-cosmetics-inc-launch-their-new-beauty-website-specializing-in-microblading-pigment-inks-and-pens/

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Yngva Cosmetics offers a range of high quality beauty products to the microblading industry. Microblading pigments and inks, microblading needles, microblading pens and accessories. We can provide microblading products for home and professional use. Our products are sourced from leading…

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