Scranton PA – Leading full-service excavation company, Winola Excavating, is delighted to announce the launch of its wide range of services in Scranton Pennsylvania. Winola Excavating is one of the leading full-service excavation companies in the country, with the capacity and knowledge to specialize in every aspect of the excavation industry. Winola Excavating has ambitious plans to be recognized as the number one provider of excavations services across the country, and their expansion into Scranton is the next strategic step in their business model. The company has experienced dramatic growth in recent years by providing quality yet affordable excavating services matched with excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

When it comes to hiring an excavation company Scranton, customers need to be confident that the company they choose to conduct the work is fully qualified and insured. Excavation requires significant knowledge and skill. There is a high risk of damage both to the area being worked on, as well as the surrounding areas and structures. Winola Excavation has many years of experience in the industry and plans every job with meticulous precision to ensure not only a professional job but also the minimum of disruption to the customer and surrounding areas. Winola Excavating regular receives positive reviews about the quality and professionalism of their services.

Excavation services are comparatively expensive, which can lead to many customers hiring a cheaper company, or even attempting to complete the work themselves. Winola Excavating has transformed the industry by bridging the gap and lowering the cost of entry significantly, making the decision to hire professionals a much easier decision. With the launch of their office in Scranton Pennsylvania, more private individuals and commercial companies will be able to take advantage of their services at a fraction of the price they would have had to pay previously.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our excavation services to the people of Scranton, and we are confident that they will be pleasantly surprised at our competitive pricing,” said Ryan Matylewicz. “Our business model has proved highly successful everywhere that we have launched it, and we have high expectations that this will be replicated in Scranton. We would advise anyone considering excavation work to contact our sales office as quickly as possible, as we expect to become booked up rapidly. “

Winola Excavating is a full-service excavation company which offers a wide range of services including home foundations, site utilities, pool excavation, and site development. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, contact them on Ryan Matylewicz.


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Winola Excavators is a total sitework company that delivers top-quality service and expert craftsmanship for all your general construction, excavation and repair needs. We are a full-service local contractor specializing in a wide spectrum of commercial / residential construction and excavation services.

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