PALM DESERT, CA: World Fire Protection (WFP) wants to give back. The WFP Team is offering free inspection services to Non-Profit Organizations within Coachella Valley. Alongside a legacy of commitment to community-based service, WFP has played significant roles in shaping the fire protection service industry. Milestones to be humbled and proud of — this company has shaped fire protection legislation and industry standards. The WFP Team is continuing its trail-blazing tradition by reaching out to local Non-Profits.  Visit their website for free fire sprinkler inspections in and around Palm Springs.

World Fire Protection has a foundation of community-based service. Since 1989, WFP’s founder Del Francis built the company around providing the highest fire safety installation companies standards, with a genuine interest in protecting the surrounding community. Francis’ own Advisory Committee was responsible for fire sprinkler inspection laws established in the 1980s throughout L.A.’s and Hawaii’s high-rises. Del Francis was also an Advisor to several fire departments for fire sprinkler inspection standards throughout Southern California and Hawaii. WFP operates on a service model, not a business model when providing fire safety and protection services.

Fire protection is a moral obligation, and more than just dollars and cents. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has begun encouraging preventative measures to stay safe against wildfires, particularly in light of more extreme weather conditions. According to NFPA — every year — nearly 45 million homes and over 72,000 communities are at risk from wildfires. People who live near wildfire-prone areas should continue to stay vigilant and keep up to date with the latest news and updates.

Non-profits serve our community in a myriad of ways, and WFP is helping them cut costs on inspections to advance their causes. This new initiative for free inspection services for non-profits not only helps our community but also redefines what quality service can be. WFP has deep roots in providing quality protection before customer service was a priority. Local non-profit initiatives breathe life into our local schools, public spaces, parks, and beyond. If you’re a local non-profit organization give WFP a call for details.

About World Fire Protection: Enjoy cost-effective and robust fire protection service. WFP is detail-oriented and brings the highest standards for the fire sprinkler inspection, Palm Springs and beyond for your home or business. Still owned and operated by the Francis family, the years of experience in fire safety installation companies service will save you time, money, and peace of mind.

SOURCE: The News Front [Link]

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